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Verdict India:

All Time Blockbuster

Verdict Worldwide:

All Time Blockbuster

Box Office Collection

Opening Day 57.00 cr.
India Gross Collection 641.00 cr.
India Footfalls 3.20 cr.
Overseas Gross Collection 397.00 cr.
Worldwide Gross Collection 1,038.00 cr.

India Box Office Collection

Schedule Amount (nett.)
Opening Day 57.00 cr.
End of Opening Weekend 166.75 cr.
Week 1 330.25 cr.
Week 2 115.95 cr.
Week 3 52.65 cr.
Week 4 19.21 cr.
Lifetime Collection 532.00 cr.
India Distributor Share 276.00 cr.
India Exhibutor Share 256.00 cr.

Day Wise Box Office Collection

day Amount (nett.) Performance
Day 1 57.00 cr. -
Day 2 70.50 cr. 24 %  Red Box
Day 3 39.25 cr. 44 %  Red Box
Day 4 53.25 cr. 36 %  Red Box
Day 5 60.75 cr. 14 %  Red Box
Day 6 26.50 cr. 56 %  Red Box
Day 7 23.00 cr. 13 %  Red Box
Day 8 18.25 cr. 21 %  Red Box
Day 9 15.65 cr. 14 %  Red Box
Day 10 14.00 cr. 11 %  Red Box
Day 11 23.25 cr. 66 %  Red Box
Day 12 28.50 cr. 23 %  Red Box
Day 13 8.55 cr. 70 %  Red Box
Day 14 7.75 cr. 9 %  Red Box
Day 15 6.75 cr. 13 %  Red Box
Day 16 5.95 cr. 12 %  Red Box
Day 17 5.90 cr. 1 %  Red Box
Day 18 11.25 cr. 91 %  Red Box
Day 19 13.00 cr. 16 %  Red Box
Day 20 4.20 cr. 68 %  Red Box
Day 21 5.60 cr. 33 %  Red Box
Day 22 3.60 cr. 36 %  Red Box
Day 23 3.40 cr. 6 %  Red Box
Day 24 2.25 cr. 34 %  Red Box
Day 25 3.32 cr. 48 %  Red Box
Day 26 4.25 cr. 28 %  Red Box
Day 27 1.25 cr. 71 %  Red Box
Day 28 1.14 cr. 9 %  Red Box
Day 29 1.08 cr. 5 %  Red Box
Day 30 1.02 cr. 6 %  Red Box
Day 31 1.02 cr. 0 %  Red Box

Week Wise Box Office Collection

day Amount Performance
Week 1 330.25 cr. -
Week 2 115.95 cr. 65 %  Red Box
Week 3 52.65 cr. 55 %  Red Box
Week 4 19.21 cr. 64 %  Red Box

Weekend Box Office Collection

day Amount Performance
Weekend 1 166.75 cr. -
Weekend 2 47.90 cr. 71 %  Red Box
Weekend 3 18.60 cr. 61 %  Red Box
Weekend 4 9.25 cr. 50 %  Red Box

Overseas Box Office Collection

Day Amount
Opening Day 36.00 cr.
Opening Weekend 112.00 cr.
Week 1 244.00 cr.
Top Overseas Gross 397.00 cr.

Pathaan Final Worldwide Box Office: Shah Rukh Khan led actioner's record breaking run to end at Rs 1055 crores

Pathaan, led by Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, is the highest grossing Hindi film of all time in India and traditional international markets.

Updated on Aug 14, 2023   |  05:24 PM IST  |  1.5M
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Shah Rukh Khan

Pathaan is running successfully in theatres despite a digital premiere (Credit: Amazon Prime Videos)

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham's Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, is at the business end of it's theatrical run. The film has had a dream run at the box office, grossing over Rs 1050 crores at the worldwide box office. Pathaan will add a couple of more crores to its existing tally and these numbers are coming after its digital premiere, indicating that those who want to watch the film in theatres are watching it in theatres as well.


Pathaan Has Had A Historic Theatrical Journey

In its triumphant theatrical journey, Pathaan became the highest grossing Indian film for the Hindi language in India, amassing a total collection of around Rs 522 crores nett. It also became the highest grossing Hindi origin film in India, collecting Rs 540 crores nett in all its languages. The gross India collections in all languages stand at around Rs 654 crores and that makes it the fourth highest grossing Indian film in India, only behind Baahubali 2, KGF Chapter 2 and RRR.


Pathaan Is The Highest Grossing Indian Film For The First Phase, Internationally

The overseas collections look very pretty at around 48.50 million dollars, amounting to around Rs 400 crores gross. This is the highest an Indian film has earned internationally for its first phase. The overseas numbers are a record for Hindi films in all traditional international markets. In North America, Pathaan is the second highest grossing Indian film only behind Baahubali 2, but in terms of number of ticket sales, it comfortably edges past it. Perhaps the greatest achievement of Pathaan is the fact that it is the highest grossing Indian film for a single language, earning more than Rs 1030 crores from its Hindi version alone. The second best is Baahubali 2's Hindi version that did around Rs 800 crores worldwide.

Pathaan is an all time blockbuster (Credit: Shah Rukh Khan Instagram)

The Extent Of Pathaan's Success Will Be Known Based On How Upcoming Hindi Films Perform

The film, in its lifetime run, will have sold over 3.25 crore movie tickets in India and that's quite an achievement in the post-Covid world where audiences have become very vigilant about their movie choices. Pathaan's achievement will truly be known when more films release this year. Since Pathaan, the Hindi Film Industry hasn't had a single clean-hit film. As far as successful films go, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar and Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway are both successful films at the box office, although that's not really enough for them to get a clean-hit tag.


The Worldwide Box Office Collections Of Pathaan Are As Follows:

Hindi Nett - Rs 522 Crores (Rs 523 Crores Lifetime Expected)

India Nett - Rs 540 Crores (Rs 541 Crores Lifetime Expected)

India Gross - Rs 654 Crores (Rs 655 Crores Lifetime Expected)

Overseas Gross - Rs 398.5 Crores (Rs 400 Crores Expected)

Total - Rs 1052.50 Crores (Rs 1055 Crores Expected)

You can still watch Pathaan at a theatre near you or on its respective digital platform.


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