Our Team

  • Harish Sharma (Vice President, Sales) - A proven business leader, he currently heads revenues at Pinkvilla. As a business leader, he has set several growth records for large-scale organizations and start-ups alike, and radically scaled up their revenues. Having won several awards during his time at Pinkvilla, he was previously associated with many leading media entities in India. Harish worked closely with CEOs & Founders throughout his career to create the right roadmap for organizations and scale up their business platforms.

  • Purva Khole (Deputy Editor) - Purva has ensured building a work ethic that revolves around bringing the highest level of creative synergy to the company, which has cemented Pinkvilla’s position as an entertainment and lifestyle leader. She has a work experience of over 14 years, during which she worked for the biggest media houses & content leaders in India. Her wide-ranging expertise involves writing, interviewing, editing, content strategy, and more.

  • Saher Khanzada (AVP Marketing) - Her role in leading Pinkvilla’s marketing endeavors has been influential in cementing the brand’s voice and ensuring far-reaching connect for the brand’s many diverse offerings. Her highly research-driven approach and collaborative leadership have ensured Pinkvilla stays ahead of the curve through all its undertakings. Saher Khanzada’s professional experience of 13+ years spans several domains like brand communication & strategy, and media planning having worked with some of the leading organizations in the country.

  • Deepika Salian (Head – Human Resources) – Deepika is an HR leader who is continually fostering the best environment at the dynamic Pinkvilla workplace. A complete people’s leader, her empathy-centered HR approach is an extension of the Pinkvilla ethos and has helped the company adopt the most futuristic practices, as an online content leader. Deepika plays an intrinsic part in empowering our people and providing them with just the right platform to showcase their talents and ideas to facilitate holistic growth.

  • Levis Dsouza (Production Head) – Levis’ role has been that of a creative tissue, entertaining millions of Pinkvilla audiences, by helping bring to life quality content for the brand, with exceptional production value. Having worked with the biggest celebrities in the business and adored public figures, his value-add leadership has been instrumental in translating Pinkvilla’s brand vision into its extremely diverse content offerings across social media and the internet.

  • Bharath Sangam (Technology Head) – Heading the Tech team at Pinkvilla, his expertise has helped the brand develop the best site and app experiences, that add immense value for our Pinkvilla audiences. With over 12 years of industry experience, his hands-on understanding of end-to-end technologies has been instrumental in curating an exceptional web presence for Pinkvilla.