After Calling Sketch ‘Fa**ot’ Antonio Brown Backtracks and Shows Support to Streamer Amid Gay OnlyFans Allegations

Twitch streamer Sketch is accused of being a gay OnlyFans creator in the past. After a controversial reaction, Antonio Brown showed his support for Sketch. Read more details below.

Published on Jul 09, 2024  |  09:24 AM IST |  550.6K
Image Courtesy: Getty and Sketch X
Image Courtesy: Getty and Sketch X

Twitch streamer Kylie Cox, popularly known as Sketch, has grabbed headlines due to a social media controversy. He was accused of being a homosexual after some of his explicit pictures went viral online. NFL star Antonio Brown joked about the matter at first. But he later extended his support to the Twitch star. 

Sketch has built a massive fanbase with his exceptional Madden NFL gameplay. ESPN presenters also use his catchphrase, “What’s up, brother?”. His gaming streamers led him to meetups with various NFL stars. He has amassed millions of followers on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

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Antonio Brown’s opposite reactions to Sketch’s gay OnlyFans allegations

The images sparked various rumors and debates about Sketch. Antonio Brown always finds a way to get involved in a controversy. The Super Bowl LV champion entered the drama with a controversial statement. “Faggot of the Day,” Brown wrote on his X handle. Sketch fans flocked to the post to lash out at the NFL star, further fueling the issue. Brown also posted a meme about the allegations on Sketch.

However, the former Steelers wide receiver backtracked to support the Twitch sensation. “My page comedy & entertainment,” Brown’s post read. He added that he talked with Sketch in the morning. “Jokes are jokes, but making sure his mental health good,” Brown wrote. The multi-time Pro Bowler admitted that we never know what people are going through.


Fans admired Brown for his kind words. “Media will never show you the good side of this guy,” a fan commented. “If you aren’t lying, salute, that says a lot about your character,” another quipped. Some users were surprised by the switch-up. They couldn’t believe Brown had posted something like that after his previous tweets.

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Content creators react to the Sketch saga

Many content creators addressed the issue after Sketch’s images in compromised position surfaced online. Louis, aka LosPollosTV, urged fans to give the NFL Madden player some privacy. “First of all, whether Sketch is gay, bi (bisexual) or straight, why the f**k do you care what another man does?” he wrote. 

Louis said it’s f–ked up that he is getting this much hate after making people laugh for so long. Maxwell, aka Plaqueboymax, also weighed in on the situation. “He (Sketch) got real hyper and eager when the h**s come around. We just thought he was a regular straight n**ga with a buzz cut,” he posted, adding that he hasn’t heard from him about what’s going on. 


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