Controversial UFC Star Calls Elon Musk ‘Evil’ and ‘The False Prophet’

UFC star labels Elon Musk as "evil" and the "false prophet" in a fiery podcast. Dive into his bold claims and join the discussion!

Published on Jul 11, 2024  |  05:01 PM IST |  56K
Image Source: INSTAGRAM
Image Source: INSTAGRAM

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell is known for ruffling feathers. Remember the flat Earth thing? Well, he's back at it, this time setting his sights on Elon Musk. In a recent podcast, Mitchell went off on Musk, calling him some pretty wild names.

We're talking "evil" and even the "false prophet"!  But why the sudden attack? It all has to do with Musk's company, Neuralink, and those brain chip things they're developing.

According to Mitchell, these chips are straight out of a nightmare and could be a sign of the coming apocalypse! So, is Bryce just blowing smoke, or is there something to his concerns?

Bryce Mitchell unleashes on Elon Musk!

Bryce Mitchell recently took to the PBD Podcast, where he didn't hold back on his views about Elon Musk, particularly targeting Musk's ambitious Neuralink project. Mitchell emphatically stated, "Elon Musk could possibly be the false prophet who presents the mark of the beast to the world and presents the Antichrist on the world stage. I mean, that's how evil I think he is."

Transitioning into his concerns about the Antichrist, Mitchell remarked, "There's a good chance that the Antichrist is walking and breathing on this planet as we speak, which means that the false prophet that comes along with the Antichrist is alive."

In a compelling segment, Mitchell questioned Musk's contributions and intentions, suggesting that despite his public persona as an innovator, Musk is far from the scientist or engineer that some might believe. "He's not done anything he said he did. He's not a scientist. He's not a propulsion engineer. He don’t make electricity. He pays people to do it for him," Mitchell argued, painting Musk as someone who leverages other people's talents for his gain, which he views as deceptive.


Mitchell goes off the rails on Neuralink!

Mitchell's primary concern centers around Neuralink, Musk’s venture into developing implantable brain chips designed to merge humans with artificial intelligence. The UFC fighter interprets this technology with extreme suspicion, almost apocalyptic fear. He asserted, "Elon Musk is inventing chips that go in people's brains. And I'm telling you, that is the behavior to look for when you're talking about the Antichrist."

Further elaborating on his fears, Mitchell linked the project to ominous biblical prophecies. He drew parallels between Musk's innovations and the notorious 'mark of the beast,' a concept from the Book of Revelation often interpreted as a symbol of ultimate evil and control. "There's going to be a mark in everybody's head, and there's going to be a mark or on their hand, okay? That's what they call the mark of the beast," Mitchell stated, implying that Neuralink could be a precursor to this dark scenario.


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He went on to challenge the integrity of Musk's intentions, accusing him of setting the stage for something far more sinister than most people realize. "He's going to convince millions of people to put that chip in their brain. And I'm telling you right now, he sounds like the false prophet. And the false prophet is going to present the Antichrist," he explained, emphasizing his distrust and the severity of his allegations.

To add a cryptic layer to his argument, Mitchell mentioned, "If you type in neuralink in Greek, it's numerical value 666." This statement seeks to underline his argument with a numerical connection that many might find controversial but intriguing.

In the same podcast he claimed that 9/11 was an inside job. Whether you agree with Mitchell or not, his comments certainly make you think. Is Elon Musk really as dangerous as Mitchell suggests, or is this just another conspiracy theory?

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