Joe Rogan Terms President Joe Biden’s US Presidential Tenure as ‘Elder Abuse’

Joe Rogan critiques President Biden’s tenure as ‘elder abuse,’ sparking debate on leadership and age in politics.

Updated on Jun 28, 2024  |  05:53 PM IST |  60.3K
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is apparently not very fond of Joe Biden. Biden, who is currently serving his maiden Presidential run, has already applied for re-election. However, at 81, Biden is suffering from several health complications. The most significant among them is his inability to process cognitive thoughts. 

In a recent debate on CNN, Joe Biden was spotted struggling repeatedly as he wanted to make a statement. The POTUS, on several occasions, referred to ‘billionaires’ as ‘trillionaires’ and kept correcting himself. Biden’s verbal flab got so prominent that the anchor in charge, Jake Tapper, had to cut the audio. Such instances have given a notion that Biden might be too old for his job. And Joe Rogan totally agrees with it, at least his latest comment on the US president says so.

Joe Rogan questions about Joe Biden’s health 

Joe Rogan recently had Tim Dillion as his guest on the Joe Rogan podcast. While the duo spoke on several topics, Joe Biden’s old age also came up during their discussion. This is when the UFC color commentator chimed in saying that Biden wouldn’t have been acceptable in any other professional field at this age. 

Rogan said, “It's so far down the road that it is elder abuse. I really do. If it was any other job, it would be elder abuse. If there was a guy who was running a corner grocery store and his family was making him run it, and he was that old and they had money, you would be like, 'What the f* are you doing to your dad? Why are you making your dad work? Your dad's out of it.” 

Rogan further opined that having Biden as the President feels like a ‘stress test’. Well, it is evident Joe Biden is in the news for the wrong reasons. But Biden’s staunch opponent, Donald Trump, is also not doing great either. 


Donald Trump proposes a UFC-style migrant’s league 

While addressing a gathering in Washington last Saturday, Donald Trump proposed a wild idea. He pointed out that the migrants can have a UFC-style fighting league. And once there is a winner, the fighter can then be pitted against a champion from the UFC. 

Trump said he proposed this idea to Dana White but the UFC head honcho did not reciprocate equal excitement. However, such an idea attracted significant criticism from political parties and the masses. Reprimanding the idea as a ‘2024 gladiator’, MSNBC analyst Vaughn Hillyard warned the common people to cast their votes wisely. Thus, with America’s political environment intensifying, it will be interesting to see how things pan out in the future. 

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