John Cena’s Old WWE Rival Predicts the Outcome of His Retirement Tour

Amidst the buzz around John Cena’s retirement, his old rival expressed confidence that the retirement finale would deliver great moments that wrestling fans would cherish.

Published on Jul 10, 2024  |  09:33 PM IST |  49K
John Cena at a WWE Show. Image Credits: Getty Images

News about John Cena’s retirement tour came like a bolt from the blue at the Money in the Bank premium live event. Although Cena’s retirement was expected, fans could never guess that he would consider it at this juncture. 

Cena made his surprise appearance in Canada at the MITB event and announced that he is ready to run his retirement tour, with WrestleMania 41 being his last in-ring performance. 

Several wrestling personalities have commented on Cena’s retirement finale, including his former rival, Chris Jericho. During a recent interview, The Ocho gave his take on the sixteen-time World Champion’s impending retirement from in-ring competition in WWE.

Chris Jericho expresses his excitement for John Cena’s retirement tour

AEW legend Chris Jericho is no stranger to John Cena. The duo competed against each other in several matches, most notably at SummerSlam 2005. That said, the former WWE star commented on Cena’s decision to go on a farewell tour. 

During an appearance on McGuire on Wrestling, the former AEW World Champion spoke positively about Cena’s decision, highlighting that fans are in for a great treat. Jericho, who recently completed three decades in the wrestling business, heaped praise on Cena for having a strong connection with wrestling fans. 

He stated on McGuire on Wrestling: “John’s always had a great love for wrestling, and he’s got a great connection with the fans, so I think it’s a cool way to go about it.”


He further added: “People know that this is it, and John’s not the type of guy to say anything lightly, so I’m sure he’s been focused on this and working with the company to make sure it’s right. I’m sure it’s going to be a really great year-and-a-half for Cena fans and for John Cena himself.”

Jericho is positive that John Cena is taking this step after careful consideration and working closely with WWE to make sure his career meets a fitting conclusion through this retirement tour. 

All in all, according to Jericho, The John Cena farewell tour will offer significant moments to wrestling fans. Given that John Cena has a tied record with Ric Flair for holding the most World Titles in wrestling history, it’s not far-fetched to believe he could have a 17th reign as the World Champion. 

Nonetheless, the specifics of John Cena’s upcoming farewell tour are yet to be revealed. However, John Cena did reveal that he’d be part of major events in 2025 when Raw moves to Netflix. It will be interesting to see who John Cena faces before he hangs his boots up.


CM Punk says he would drag John Cena out of retirement

Although John Cena had many classic rivalries during his storied career, his feud with CM Punk during the early 2010s will always stand out. At the time, Cena became the most polarizing figure in WWE. On the other hand, CM Punk reached the peak of his career.

Considering their classic matches, CM Punk would be a great opponent for John Cena in his retirement match. During the Money in the Bank media scrum, CM Punk commented on John Cena’s retirement move.

Punk expressed that Cena had a significant influence on his career and vice versa. Furthermore, Punk joked about dragging him out of retirement in 15 years. 

He stated, “This retirement that he says he’s gonna adhere to, and this is it, and when the final one happens, that’s gonna be it, like, yeah, 15 years I’ll drag him out of retirement.”


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Among many other great talents who could face Cena, Punk stands out, given the rich history between the duo. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen who receives the honor of retiring one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in WWE.

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