Rob Gronkowski Reveals Which Patriots Teammate Made Tom Brady Untouchable in NFL

Rob Gronkowski played a significant role in Tom Brady’s success. But he believes there was one player who made Brady untouchable. Find out more below.

Published on Jul 08, 2024  |  08:55 AM IST |  60.9K
Image Courtesy: Rob Gronkowski X Handle
Image Courtesy: Rob Gronkowski X Handle

Tom Brady donned the New England Patriots colors for two decades. His legacy earned him NFL GOAT status from experts and fans alike. His teammate Rob Gronkowski recently revealed that Randy Moss made Brady untouchable in the NFL. 

Tom played with many star players throughout his career. Many consider Gronkowski to be his best teammate. Rob, however, isn’t on the same page as others. He opened up about how Moss impacted Brady’s gameplay and records.

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Rob Gronkowski thinks Randy Moss made Tom Brady untouchable

Rob Gronkowski recently appeared on the Games With Names podcast. He talked about his relationship with Tom Brady on and off the field. He also shared an inside story about Brady refusing to throw at him ever again. The conversation quickly escalated to Brady’s teammate, who made the 7-time Super Bowl champion untouchable.

“Tom Brady will always be Tom Brady, but Randy Moss made Tom Brady untouchable,” Gronkowski told Julian Edelman, the podcast host. It came as a surprise since they are regarded as the best quarterback-tight end pair in NFL history. Gronkowski and Brady won 4 Super Bowls together, three with the Patriots and one with the Buccaneers.

Nobody could come close to Rob and Tom’s achievements. But Rob didn’t take credit for Brady’s legacy. Moss’s arrival at the Patriots camp in 2007 brought out Brady’s then-career-best records. The legendary quarterback completed 50 passing touchdowns in that season, a record that was broken later. 


The Patriots Hall of Famer hit a career low in interceptions. But he achieved a record 68.9 percent completion percentage. Brady threw for 4,806 yards in that season, and he later broke this record himself. It wasn’t only Brady who benefited from Randy’s arrival. The former Oakland Raiders wide receiver had hit a career low in the previous season. 

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With just 553 yards and three touchdowns, Randy’s performance raised many questions, which led to his departure from the Raiders. One thing led to another, and Randy started playing alongside the three-time NFL MVP. Moss completed 89 catches for 1,493 yards in the following season. He set the record for most receiving touchdowns in the NFL with 23. Seventeen years later, the record is yet to be broken. 

Why did Randy Moss and Tom Brady’s pairing work out? 


Brady’s hit his peak with Moss catching for him. The former Patriots quarterback led the franchise to the Super Bowl immediately after Randy’s arrival. Tom always had excellent TEs like Rob Gronkowski alongside him. But having a great receiver up the field changed the game's dynamics for Tom Brady.

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