Travis Kelce, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tristan Thompson Spotted Together at West Hollywood’s Popular Nightspot

Travis Kelce, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tristan Thompson were spotted hanging out at a popular West Hollywood nightspot. Learn more about their night out.

Published on Jul 01, 2024  |  05:01 PM IST |  71.7K
Travis Kelce spotted partying with other celebrities (PC:Twitter)
Travis Kelce spotted partying with other celebrities (PC:Twitter)

Last Friday night, the Birds Streets Club hosted a star-studded evening for celebrities. It is an exclusive hotspot in West Hollywood. Travis Kelce, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tristan Thompson were seen partying. 

The trio were seen enjoying their time together, mingling and soaking up the upscale atmosphere of the venue. According to a source, the three stars were spotted socializing inside the club.

Travis Kelce, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tristan Thompson were seen partying 

They are clearly making the most of their night out. Tristan Thompson was the first to depart, leaving with a wide smile around 1:21 am. Shortly before him, Travis Kelce exited alongside his friend Joe Oravec. They stepped into a white SUV that discreetly left through the club's private car elevator.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his understated yet glamorous lifestyle. He also left the club around the same time. He was accompanied by two unidentified women, adding an air of mystery to his departure. The source noted that all three seemed to be in high spirits throughout the evening. They are enjoying their time together at the exclusive venue.

Birds Street Club is renowned for its exclusivity and celebrity clientele. The place is a perfect backdrop for this gathering. Its private amenities and discrete ambiance offered the privacy necessary for high-profile guests like Kelce, DiCaprio, and Thompson to unwind without the usual paparazzi commotion.


The source shared that the trio spent the evening mingling and catching up inside the club. It indicates a genuine relationship among them. Such outings are common among celebrities who share mutual social circles and interests.

Tristan Thompson, known for his basketball career, appeared particularly pleased as he departed. It suggests he had a memorable evening with his friends. Travis Kelce, the NFL star known for his on-field prowess, and Leonardo DiCaprio, the acclaimed actor, both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the night, each leaving with a smile.

The evening at the Birds Streets Club exemplified how celebrities relax and enjoy their downtime. The combination of an exclusive setting and the company of close friends made it a memorable occasion for Kelce, DiCaprio, and Thompson. 

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, mocks Travis Kelce

On the other hand, Taylor Swift delighted fans at her Dublin concert. When she playfully mimicked Travis Kelce's iconic archer pose on stage. A fan's video captured the moment right after Swift sang the lyric, And he never thinks of me / Except when I’m on TV.


This wasn't the first time Swift has paid homage to Kelce's move. Tay Tay first performed it at her recent Wembley Stadium show in London while singing So High School.

Travis Kelce is known for his prowess on the football field as a three-time Super Bowl champion. He explained the origin of his signature pose on his New Heights podcast last October. 

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He revealed that the pose stemmed from his desire to make a memorable entrance when running out onto the field. "I always wanted to do something when I ran out of the tunnel," Kelce shared. "You know what’s really been motivating for me? It’s to always dream big and always shoot for the stars, so I’m just out there shooting for the stars, baby."

Swift's adoption of Kelce's pose adds a fun and interactive element to her performances. She resonated well with her audience and further solidified her connection with her fans. Let us know in the comments what you think about her copycatting him. 


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