Video: LeBron James Daps Up Stephen Curry as Team USA Assembles for 2024 Paris Olympic Training Camp

LeBron James arrived at the team USA's training camp ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympic in a full swing. LeBron went on to dap Stephen Curry while all the NBA stars gazed smiling.

Published on Jul 06, 2024  |  05:28 PM IST |  81.8K
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It's USA time

The USA basketball team has arrived. As Team USA's highly anticipated journey to the 2024 Paris Olympics began in Las Vegas, basketball fans were treated to electrifying visuals of the world's top basketball stars uniting for the training camp.

There is hardly any team contending for the 2024 Paris Olympics as strong as the top NBA star-laden American brigade. While there’s still time left to witness the fierce games, the top NBA stars gave thier fans some moment to smile at. 

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LeBron James daps up Stephen Curry at Team USA’s training camp 

Among these stars was LeBron James, who arrived a bit later and made a striking entrance with his warm greeting of former arch-rival Stephen Curry. The pair, once fierce competitors, exchanged enthusiastic daps.

While dapping with all enthusiasm, James exclaimed: “About time, about time, about motherf**king time.” Following their heartfelt exchange, Kevin Durant also stepped forward to join James for a dap, exchanging a familiar "Back at it" with the LA Lakers superstar.

However, the mood quickly shifted to humor when James greeted his Lakers teammate, Anthony Davis, lightheartedly jesting about wanting to have a good summer and playfully expressing skepticism about Davis being on the team.

As the video showcased, LeBron James extended warm welcomes to every player. Despite being competitors in the NBA, the stars went unrecognizable under the Team USA jersey. While the focus on the superstar athletes was evident, the coaching staff, including Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue, also appeared in the video.


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LeBron James will play as point forward at Paris Olympics

Team USA's lineup strategy for the upcoming Paris Olympics is generating anticipation, as reports indicate that LeBron James is set to take on the role of a point forward, with Stephen Curry focusing on playing off the ball. 

With the commencement of training camp in Las Vegas, coaches and fans are eager to witness the fusion of James' playmaking prowess and Curry's sharpshooting abilities in action.

The prospect of LeBron James assuming the primary playmaking responsibilities while also being surrounded by prolific scorers such as Curry, Kevin Durant, and others would make use of the depth and flexibility of Team USA's roster. 

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