Watch: Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois Forcefully Separated After Clashing During Heated Face-Off

Witness the intense moment as Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois are pulled apart during a fiery face-off. Get ready for their epic fight at Wembley!

Published on Jun 28, 2024  |  01:33 PM IST |  37.5K
Image Source: INSTAGRAM
Image Source: INSTAGRAM

Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois faced off in a heated confrontation. Did they almost come to blows? Security had to step in. The tension was palpable. The stakes couldn't be higher. They'll fight for the IBF heavyweight title. This will happen at Wembley Stadium on September 21.

During a pre-fight interview, things escalated quickly. Joshua threatened to smash a chair. Dubois kept provoking him. "Do you want to go now?" Dubois asked repeatedly. Joshua responded, "Don't disrespect me."

The face-off became so intense that security had to separate them. Are you ready for this explosive showdown? The anticipation is building.

Joshua & Dubois nearly come to blows!

During the pre-fight interview, Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois had an explosive face-off. Joshua began by saying, "Honestly speaking from the bottom of my heart, aside from belts and aside from it being him, I'm just ready to fight." Dubois quickly retorted, "Let's go, let's go. If he wants to swing, go, let's go now."

Joshua didn't back down, sharply replying, "Shut up. Relax, relax." But Dubois, not one to be easily intimidated, kept pushing, asking, "Do you want to go now? Let's go. Do you want to go now?" This only agitated Joshua further, leading him to threaten, "Relax... do you want this f****** chair across your face? Don't disrespect me."

Dubois, undeterred, repeated, "You can't intimidate me," three times. Joshua, maintaining his stance, warned, "Daniel, don't disrespect me." The situation escalated as both fighters stood up, ready to fight, with Dubois asking, "Who do you think you are?"


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Joshua's frustration peaked, shouting, "Don't disrespect me on my life, little boy. Dan, I don't take disrespect lightly, you know? Don't sit at the table telling me we can go now and do all of this and that, try and call me out."

With tensions at an all-time high, security had to intervene, pulling the fighters apart. Promoter Frank Warren called for a cut in filming, trying to de-escalate the situation. Despite the separation, Joshua continued to glare at Dubois, making it clear that the animosity was far from over.

The anticipation for this fight is at a fever pitch. Anthony Joshua and Daniel Dubois will clash for the IBF heavyweight world title on September 21 at Wembley Stadium. Joshua, a former champion, is looking to reclaim his status and become a three-time heavyweight champion. Meanwhile, Dubois, the current IBF champion, is eager to prove himself against one of the biggest names in boxing.


Dubois declares himself 'King Slayer'

Daniel Dubois has confidently vowed to become a "king slayer" as he gears up to face Anthony Joshua in their all-British IBF heavyweight title fight on September 21 at Wembley Stadium.

During the London news conference where the fight was confirmed, Dubois declared, "AJ's been the king for a long time and on the night, I need to become a king slayer and that's my goal, that's the mission at hand."

Dubois, elevated to full champion after Oleksandr Usyk relinquished the belt, added, "I'm learning more about myself as a fighter, as a person, coming out of the darkness and into the light." Joshua, remaining composed, acknowledged, "Congratulations to Daniel for winning his last fight. He'll be on my mind for the next 12 weeks until I get my hand raised."

Will Joshua become a three-time world champion, or will Dubois succeed in his mission to dethrone the king?


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