WATCH: Donald Trump Gives Sarcastic Compliment To Colby Covington At Recent Campaign

Trump recently took a win against Colby Covington with his back-handed compliments at a recent campaign. Read on for more details!

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Donald Trump Almost Knocks-Out Colby Covington ( Getty Images )
Donald Trump [L] and Colby Covington [R]

Colby Covington is one of the most popular fighters in the welterweight roster. His career-defining victories against Jorge Masvidal and Tyron Woodley are mainly responsible for Covington’s rise in the rankings.

Known to have a confrontational personality, Covington has garnered a lot of attention through his one-liners and clever sense of trash talk toward fighters across all weight divisions.

Donald Trump’s ambiguous compliment to Colby Covington 

Another aspect of Colby Covington’s UFC career is his well-documented love for former American president Donald Trump. The fighter has expressed his gratitude toward him on multiple occasions like interviews and post-fight press conferences.

The former president also has a pattern of persistent displays of affection toward Covington throughout the years. Trump’s most-known show of support for the fighter was his attendance at UFC 296 to support Chaos’ title fight against Leon Edwards.

Donald Trump recently attended the campaign supporting candidate Kari Lake for the Republican Primary Election for Arizona Senate. Alongside the former president, Covington tagged along to support Lake for her potential future as a senator.

However, Trump’s recent speech directed toward Covington had fans snickering. “I bet for him and I won a lot of money,” said the former US president after claiming to have doubts regarding Chaos’ performance in the said fight.



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“I look at him. Looks like a regular, normal human being,” said Trump pointing at Covington. He indicated to not be intimidated by the fighter’s appearance despite the impressive performances he delivered throughout his career.

Trump then went on to narrate a hypothetical situation of bumping into Chaos at a bar, eventually starting a fight. “Let’s say he was a little in my way, I could see myself saying ‘move over’,” said the former president.

Donald Trump once again indicated Colby Covington’s appearance to show a beguiling demeanor. These indirect praises directed at Chaos had fans roaring with laughter on social media.

Daniel Cormier believes Colby Covington Vs Ian Garry is a match made in heaven

Former UFC Champion Daniel Cormier’s level of expertise regarding combat sports knows no boundaries. Following his outstanding career as a fighter, Cormier’s retirement has met with an equally successful opportunity as an analyst.

Fans of the UFC often praise the former champion regarding his MMA proficiency. Recently, DC expressed his opinions regarding the latest feud between welterweight contenders Colby Covington and Ian Garry.

On his YouTube channel, the former heavyweight champion conveyed his desire to witness the thrilling bout between Covington and Garry. “It just seems like it’s a match made in heaven,” said Cormier.

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“The story makes sense, the rankings make sense, the path of their career trajectory makes sense,” revealed DC. The American native appeared to be in distress due to the UFC’s apparent silence regarding the particular bout.

He also spoke on Covington’s potential championship title fight. Cormier believes Chaos to earn another bout for the welterweight belt in regards to beating Ian Garry.

DC fails to be the only personality vocalizing the potential of this fight. Fans all across the world are thrilled to witness the exciting bout following a hot-blooded back-and-forth from both fighters.

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