Watch: When Donald Trump Shockingly Slapped Vince McMahon Before His Bodyguard Humiliated the Former WWE Boss

Vince McMahon and Former US President Donald Trump have had their own share of fights. In one such event before WrestleMania 23, Trump had slapped Vince McMahon at an event.

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When Donald Trump Slapped Vince McMahon Before WrestleMania 23
Vince McMahon and Donald Trump challenged each other in a 'Hair vs Hair' match at WrestleMania 23. (PC: Getty Images)

Who can forget the iconic ‘Hair vs Hair’ match at WrestleMania 23, when Vince McMahon and Former US President, Donald Trump had bet on their wrestlers for a match? While McMahon had Late wrestler Umaga as his representative, Donald Trump brought in Bobby Lashley

Lashley won, and Vince McMahon’s head was shaved right after the match, by Donald Trump and special match referee Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

However, even before the final fight, Donald Trump had gotten violent with Vince McMahon. At a press event, Vince McMahon, playing his usual self, was playing around with Trump, refusing a hand-shake and even pulling up his tie, in order to ridicule him.

Trump within no time, planted a slap on McMahon’s cheeks, and not only this, but even his bodyguard later attacked McMahon further humiliating him.

The video was shared on X, by a Trump supporter, Ryan Fournier. Sharing the video, he wrote, “Who else is old enough to remember when Trump SLAPPED Vince McMahon in the face.”

X users surprised by the video 

Many X users were surprised by the video posted by Ryan. One user wrote, “Was that secret service agent? Lol or was this way before Trump became president?”


To this Ryan replied, “That was Keith Schiller. He was head of security for the Trump Organization and Trump’s personal bodyguard before going to the WH with him and becoming head of Oval Office operations. He is a great guy!”

Another user wrote, “Someone needs to recreate that video with Bidens face on McMahon??”. A third said, “McMahon fighting the security guard while the man who slapped him is standing right next to him is hilarious to me.”

A fourth said, “Wow I kind of remember hearing about it but never saw the video!.”

Donald Trump for US President 

Donald Trump is running again for the US Presidential Elections 2024, and so far he is highly contended for the top job. Even on popularity parameters, Trump is racing ahead of current US President Joe Biden, and there are high chances that he might replace him.

Trump surprisingly defeated the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton, in the 2016 elections. During his tenure, Trump made some major decisions, among which the decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan was a major one.

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