Anupama Written Update, May 25, 2024: Aadhya Increases Anupama's Problems

Aadhya's actions bring new complications to Anupama's already challenging life.

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Update on Anupama’s upcoming episode. (PC: Star Plus Instagram)
Update on Anupama’s upcoming episode. (PC: Star Plus Instagram)

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, Toshu's phone rings, and he apologizes before disconnecting the call. Anupama, recalling Toshu serving the dish, confronts him. She asks why he, usually lazy about work, was so eager to serve the food, especially when she had told Rahul that she would check the dish and serve it to Ms. Smith herself. 

She further demands to know what he did. Yashdeep and Beeji arrive, with Yashdeep noting the silence and assuming they must have received a good rating. Beeji agrees, predicting high ratings. Toshu sarcastically remarks that Anupama blames him for everything, assuming she thinks he put cockroaches in the dish. 

He says he’s disgusted by the idea and wouldn’t carry a cockroach in his pocket. He explains that he served the dish because biryani can't be reheated, and he wanted to avoid her scolding. Just then, Yashdeep and Beeji arrive, asking what happened, and Anupama looks at them.

Check out Star Plus’ recent Instagram post on Anupama’s upcoming episode

Adhya complicates Anupama’s life

Aadhya tells Shruti to join her in getting Pops aka Anuj. Shruti advises her not to do anything that would lead to another apology to Pops. She suggests Aadhya go watch a movie with her friends instead. Aadhya refuses, stating that Anupama Joshi has hurt her twice on her birthday, and she intends to make her pay for it.


Yashdeep, shocked, says they expected to see an American star and Beeji even made prasad for the Gurudwara. He thought he’d bring good news. Anupama explains she made the food carefully, but someone deliberately added a cockroach. Toshu denies responsibility, reminding her that she left the dish with Rahul to take a call. 

Update on Anupama’s latest episode (PC: Star Plus Instagram)

Anuj consoles Anupama

Anuj apologizes for calling her, but Anupama insists it's not his fault. Toshu argues it's not his fault either and suggests the cockroach got in by itself. Yashdeep criticizes Anupama for prioritizing a personal call over work, leading to this disaster. 

Anupama insists she was only gone a minute, but Yashdeep says her mistake cost them dearly. Anuj tries to intervene, but Yashdeep stops him, saying it's a matter between business partners. Meanwhile, Babu ji worries as Anupama isn’t answering his calls. Vanraj assures him she’s likely celebrating and encourages him to sleep. However, Babu ji remains restless, as neither Beeji, Yashdeep, nor Anuj are answering either.


Outside, Anupama struggles to breathe, and Anuj comforts her, urging her to drink water and not blame herself. She feels she’s ruined everything. Anuj consoles her, saying crying won't help. Vanraj reassures Babu ji, then messages someone, planning to visit an address provided by a goon, hoping things go his way.

Anuj continues to comfort Anupama, assuring her that Ms. Smith will verify facts before posting anything negative. Anupama feels guilty for letting Yashdeep down after he trusted her. Aadhya arrives, determined to make Anupama pay for spoiling her birthday. Anuj scolds Aadhya for her harsh words, reminding her of others' feelings. Anupama intervenes, apologizing to Aadhya and asking Anuj to take her home. Aadhya, holding Anuj's hand, reluctantly agrees to leave with him.

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