Anupamaa Written Update, April 14: Anupama takes Anuj's help during her competition; here's how

In today's (April 14) episode of Anupamaa, Anupama scolds Pakhi for her misbehavior towards Ishaani. Meanwhile, Anuj helps Anupama during her competition.

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Anupamaa Written Update, April 14
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Anupamaa Written Update, April 14: Anupama and everyone pray to god. Later, Baa asks Anupama to eat breakfast and asks Anupama to take care of her diary. Baa asks everyone to start packing. Pakhi arrives in the living room and is about to leave. Anupama asks her where she is going early morning. Vanraj also asks Pakhi the same question.

Anupama schools Pakhi:

Pakhi rudely answers saying that she is going to the parlor and the parlor is near their house. Kinjal then informs everyone that it is her friend's parlor and she made an appointment for Pakhi. As Pakhi is about to leave, Ishaani arrives and stops her. Pakhi scolds Ishaani for her messy hair saying that she should look good every minute. Kavya tells her not to comment about Ishaani and to make her feel conscious at such a young age.

Ishaani tells Pakhi that she isn't feeling well. Anupama checks Ishaani and Ishaani has a fever. Pakhi scolds Ishaani and tells her to take medicine and go to sleep. Anupama gets angry and scolds Pakhi for misbehaving with her daughter. Anupama reminds her how she and Vanraj took care of her in childhood. Anupama asks Pakhi to care for her daughter. Vanraj also taunts Pakhi saying that Adhik is a good father compared to her. 



Pakhi gets furious saying that everyone is stopping her from living her life and walks away. Baa and Dimpy take care of Ishaani. Baapuji asks Anupama to leave for her competition.

Aadhya apologizes to Anuj:

Aadhya apologizes to Anuj. Anuj ignores her. Aadhya and Shruti sing songs to convince Anuj. Aadhya apologizes to Anuj and Shruti asks Anuj to forgive her. Anuj then explains to Aadhya and Shruti that he is dealing with his problems in his own way and they should also understand his emotions. Anuj tells them that they can't force things on him and if he is unable to handle situations then that doesn't make him a bad person. 

Anuj walks away. While driving he recalls how Aadhya took a promise from him for not helping Yashdeep's restaurant. He thinks that there should be someone who should help Anupama and Yashdeep. Anuj gets a message about his meeting. 

Anupama takes Anuj's help

Anupama arrives in the competition. As per the instructions, out of 6 only 4 will be selected in the next round. The contestants will be given limited ingredients and only 15 minutes to make their dish. The judges then tell the contestants that they can take the help of someone from the audience. As the time starts, Anupama sees her secret ingredients and is shocked to see minimum ingredients. The judge arrives and tells Anupama that she should give up as her hand is hurt and she won't be able to do it. 

Anuj arrives to meet his client, who is a chef. Anuj then reaches the room where the shooting for the show is happening. Anuj then thinks that Anupama might need his help and he goes into the room. Anupama encourages herself to concentrate on her cooking. Anupama begins cooking but is unable to open the ghee container. Anuj learns that contestants can take the help of the audience. 

Anuj looks at Anupama so that she can take his help. Anuj then calls Anupama and tells her to bring the container to him. Anupama is surprised to see him. She then rushes towards Anuj with the container. Anuj opens it and as Anupama reaches her desk, the time ends. Anupama is unable to add ghee to her dish. She gets worried as she can't add ghee to her dish. 


Pakhi's friend Arush takes her to a hotel room. While talking to her, Arush asks Pakhi for money. Pakhi then gives gold bangles to him and tells him that she doesn't have money but has this. Arush takes the gold bangles. Pakhi tells him to help her start her business as soon as possible. Arush tells her that before starting the business they should celebrate.

Anupama presents her dish to the judges. The judges ask her to explain her dish, Mohan Thal. She gets emotional saying that it is Lord Krishna's favorite dish but she couldn't make it properly. The judge then tells her that it is not an Indian show and asks Anupama to explain her dish in English. The episode ends.

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