Anupamaa Written Update, May 20: Vanraj and Toshu predict Anupama's downfall after latter gets insulted by her

In today's (May 20) episode of Anupamaa, Anupama lashes out at Toshu after he insults Vikram. Meanwhile, Toshu and Vanraj predict Anupama's downfall.

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Anupamaa Written Update, May 20
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Anupamaa Written Update, May 20: Anupama loses her calm on Toshu after he misbehaves with Vikram in front of his friends. Dimpy shares her happiness with Kavya as Titu buys her gifts. Kavya recalls how Vanraj used to gift her presents. Kavya expresses her concern about Maahi while talking to Dimpy. She shares how she has been waiting for the day when Vanraj accepts Maahi. 

Dimpy assures her that this will surely happen. When Kavya shares her makeup ideas with Dimpy, she advises her to do a makeup course and start a salon so that she remains busy in her professional life. Dimpy and Kavya then see Anupama's picture in the newspaper and get happy for her.

Anupama slams Toshu:

Toshu fumes with anger after Anupama lashes out at him. He asks Anupama not to insult him in front of his friends. Anupama slams him for misbehaving with Vikram and speaking badly about Yashdeep. She credits Vikram for her achievements. Anupama then informs Toshu's friend that he is a waiter in the restaurant. Anupama then yells at Toshu for his bad behavior and asks him to apologize to Vikrama and Yashdeep. 

She tells Toshu's friend to leave and asks them to meet him in break time. Anupama asks Toshu to clear the table and start working. Toshu comes out of the restaurant after work. He then breaks down and fumes with anger as Anupama insults him. 


Yashdeep informs Anupama about a guest:

Anupama then apologizes to Yashdeep and the staff members of the restaurant. She continues apologizing and asks Yashdeep to fire Toshu from his work if he continues misbehaving. Anupama gets teary-eyed as he worries about Toshu and his future. Yashdeep then praises Anupama as her photo is in the newspaper. He informs her that a food critic has agreed to come to their restaurant and give his reviews.

Yashdeep informs her that he won't be in the restaurant when the food critic comes and asks Anupama to take care of him. Anupama assures him that she will take care of everything. Yashdeep informs Anupama that the food critic will come the day after tomorrow. Anupama realizes that it is Aadhya's birthday that day. Anupama gets worried but promises herself to manage her personal and professional life. 

Vanraj gets angry:

Baapuji advices Vanraj to print Dimpy and Titu's wedding card and keep it in the temple. Kavya mentions that only a few days are left so they should do this soon. Vanraj says that there's too much time and anything can happen. Ishaani asks Vanraj how she will address Titu after he gets married to Dimpy. Vanraj says that everyone will call him uncle including Ansh. Everyone gets upset hearing this statement.


Kavya gets happy as she receives course details about her makeup course. Pakhi taunts Kavya for doing a course. However, Baapuji motivates her. Vanraj, too, taunts Kavya for doing the makeup course. Kavya gives Anupama's example due to which Vanraj gets angry. He then angrily says that Anupama will soon have a downfall. 

Toshu and Kinjal get into an argument:

Toshu arrives home and starts making too much noise as Kinjal is on a video call with a client. The client gets angry with Kinjal as she is distracted and disconnects the call. Kinjal gets worried as an important client gets angry with her. Kinjal lashes out at Toshu for his behavior. 

Kinjal and Toshu get into a big argument. Toshu demeans women and speaks badly about her and Anupama. He predicts that Anupama will soon see a downfall and she will then come to him begging for a job. 


Anupama dreams about the food critic praising her food and the restaurant. She wakes with a hope to make her dream come true. Anupama dances with joy as she cooks food. Anuj arrives and observes her from a distance. Anupama then informs Anuj that the food critic is going to come to their restaurant.

She assures Anuj that she will plan everything for Aadhya's birthday. Anupama resumes dancing as she cooks. Anuj gets happy seeing her. The episode ends. 

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