Anupamaa Written Update, May 28: Yashdeep blames Anupama for destroying him; here's what she does next

In today's (May 28) episode of Anupamaa, Anupama breaks down after Yashdeep blames her for destroying him and his restaurant. Read on!

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Anupamaa Written Update, May 28
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Anupamaa Written Update, May 28: Anuj arrives at Spice and Chutney as the officers are raiding the restaurant. Anupama panics seeing the condition of the restaurant and is heartbroken to see Bijee and Yashdeep in shock. Anuj and Anupama try to convince the food inspectors to not destroy things. However, Anupama and Spice and Chutney staff members are pushed outside of the restaurant. 

Anuj explains to the media not to trouble Anupama as she has not done anything wrong. The judge of Superstar Chef arrives and takes away Anupama's trophy. The judge slams Anupama and calls her non-deserving. He tells Anupama that she doesn't deserve the trophy and takes it away from the restaurant. Anupama breaks down after her trophy is taken away. 

The food inspectors seal Spice and Chutney restaurant. Anupama and everyone break down seeing the seal on the restaurant. 

Yashdeep slams Anupama:

The media bombarded Anupama with questions. Baljot arrives and gets happy seeing Anupama's condition. The media asks questions to Bijee. Anupama arrives to rescue her. Yashdeep pushes Anupama away and asks her not to worry about them after destroying everything. Anupama is about to fall but Anujs saves her.

Yashdeep lashes out at Anupama for destroying them and says that she never paid attention to the work but just always focused on her ex-husband and daughter. Yashdeep informs Anupama that he had planned to open a new branch of their restaurant as he trusted her.


He tells Anupama that he took a loan from the bank and has also given the token. He mentions that he wanted to inform her after the food critic gave good ratings. He then gets furious at Anupama for destroying his brother's dreams.

Before leaving Yashdeep slams Anupama and tells her that she is not meant to do business and she should only focus on her personal life. Onlookers start throwing stones at them as they think that they got infected food. Bijee gets hurt and collapses. After she gains consciousness, Anupama asks Bijee to trust her and asks Yasheep to not hate her. The cops arrive and take the matter under control. As they are about to leave, Anupama collapses. 

Shah family worries for Anupama:

After watching the situation on TV, Kavya and Dimpy get emotional worrying about Anupama and get angry at Yashdeep for behaving badly with Anupama. Meanwhile, Pakhi blames Anupama for making their life difficult. Kavya and Dimpy slam Pakhi and get extremely worried for Anupama. Titu mentions how Yashdeep should have supported Anupama in this situation. Baapuji breaks down in tears. On the other hand, Vanraj gets happy seeing Anupama getting hate from everyone. 


Aadhya worries for Anuj:

Anupama is hospitalized and talks in sleep while Anuj is sitting beside her. Anuj expresses his belief in Anupama and mentions that he trusts her. Aadhya worries about Anuj and gets furious thinking that due to Anupama, Anuj always lands in trouble. Shruti gets a call and when Aadhya inquires about it, she says that it was from the office. Aadhya continues worrying for Anuj.

Baapuji collapses after worrying about Anupama. Vanraj and everyone panics. Baapuji tells Vanraj to call Toshu and ask if he has done the wrongdoings. 

Anupama gets bad dream:

Anupama dreams about Bijee's death and Yashdeep blames her for Bijee's demise. He calls Anupama a curse. She also dreams about Vanraj blaming her for Samar's death, Aadhya accusing her of Maaya's demise, and Shruti blaming her for stealing Anuj. She gains consciousness and panics. Anuj consoles her. She then explains to Anuj that he should stay away from her. Anuj refuses saying that he won't leave her. Anuj asks her to believe in herself.


Anupama confronts Toshu:

Anupama hurriedly leaves the hospital and asks Anuj not to follow her. Anuj follows Anupama after she leaves. Vanraj requests Toshu on the call to confess if he has done something wrong. As the video call is on, Anupama reaches Toshu's house and holds Toshu by his collar. Vanraj and the Shah family see Anupama's anger on video call. 

Anupama confronts Toshu and asks him why he did this. She continues asking Toshu the reason for backstabbing her and slaps him. Vanraj and the Shah family see this. The episode ends. 

Disclaimer: This episode was watched on Hotstar.

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