Shark Tank India 3: ‘He won't be able to join us on season 4,’ Which shark is Anupam Mittal talking about?

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India 3, Shark Anupam Mittal remarked that one Shark won't be able to join them in the next season. Read on to know which Shark he was referring to.

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Anupam Mittal
Anupam Mittal talks about one Shark not joining them next season (PC: Shak Tank India 3 Instagram)

Shark Tank India 3 not only grabs the attention of viewers with its interesting pitches and groundbreaking business ideas, but it also offers intriguing revelations and valuable insights from the Sharks. Additionally, the occasional light-hearted banter between them adds an extra dose of entertainment to the show. In a recent episode, Anupam Mittal playfully teased Ritesh Agarwal for his lack of knowledge about the daily diaper requirements of an infant. He jokingly suggested that Ritesh might not be returning for the next season after this incident.

Pitchers of diaper company introduce their business

Subhi Bafna from Delhi was the first pitcher of the day on Shark Tank India 3. The pitcher introduces the brand and claims that their diapers are made from organic, certified bamboo which makes these diapers extra absorbent, super soft, and hypoallergenic. They also add that their band is India’s first diaper which is also eco-friendly. 

Watch the promo of the episode here:

After the pitcher introduces the brand, Anupam Mittal points out changes in the font style of the logo and says that her vision is thoughtful, but not the logo. The pitcher accepts that there's a printing mistake. As she apologises, Ritesh comes to her rescue and says, "Koi baat nahi hota rehta hai (No worries, it happens)." However, Anupam says it shouldn't happen in the brand business.


Further, the pitcher shares that their products have a certificate from a renowned lab in Germany, which is renowned and trusted for giving certificates in allergy tests. Next, the pitcher shows the samples and a shark asks her to give Ritesh Agarwal a few extra as he is a new father.

The sharks loved the product, saying it looked sleek and felt super smooth, plus the quality was top-notch. Ritesh inquired the pitcher about the frequency of diaper changes for a child.

The Shaks burst into laughter hearing his question and they tell him. "Ab pata chalega (now you’ll know.) " Surbhi explains that a baby needs 8-10 diapers a day depending on how many times the baby poops. 

Seeing Ritesh in shock, Anupam teases him and says, "Shark Tank season 4 mein shayad ye nahi aa paayenge. (Probably, he won’t return for Shark Tank season 4)."

As everyone burst into laughter, Ritesh revealed that he and his wife had initially made a pact to divide the responsibilities, but he never expected how often he would have to do it. 

Talking about the deal, the Sharks find the product pricing on the high side and also the market size of the product to be very limited. Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh and Amit Jain back out. Ritesh, Anupam, and Aman seal the deal with an offer of Rs 1 crore for 4 percent equity, which the pitcher accepts.

Shark Tank India 3 steams on Sony LIV from Monday to Friday at 10 PM.

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