Shrimad Ramayan Promo: Bal Hanuman's journey of strength and devotion captivates audience

The current track of Shrimad Ramayan revolves around Shri Ram finding Sita Maa along with Lakshmana and Vanara army including Hanuman and Sugreev. Read on!

Published on Apr 22, 2024  |  08:43 PM IST |  36.8K
Image: Sony TV Shrimad Ramayan
Image: Sony TV Shrimad Ramayan

Shrimad Ramayan has been capturing hearts ever since its premiere. The mythological show is being recognized as one of the finest interpretations of the iconic Hindu saga.

The show currently revolves around Lord Rama’s pursuit to find his wife Sita. He is preparing for a battle with demon king Ravana to rescue Sita Mata. On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, witness Lord Hanuman recollecting his birth and the mighty strength he possesses. 

Shrimad Ramayan takes viewers on an epic journey with Bal Hanuman

The latest promo of Shrimad Ramayan shared on SonyTV's official social media handle highlights Lord Hanuman’s childhood stories. The search for Mata Sita intensifies as Lord Hanuman and his Vanara Sena start their journey towards Lanka.

They face the seashore in the middle of their journey and begin to lose hope as there is no way to cross the sea. Just then, Jamwant appears to remind Lord Hanuman of his birth and the immense strength he possesses, which will help him find Mata Sita.

A glimpse of Lord Hanuman's childhood

Lord Hanuman was born to mother Anjana and father Kesari. He had incredible powers but was also naughty and mischievous as a child. One day, while playing with his friends, he mistook the sun for a red glowing fruit and decided to chase it.



Because of Bal Hanuman's unintentional misuse of his powers, Lord Brahma placed a curse on him. This causes Lord Hanuman to forget his powers until someone reminds him of them and gifts him the boon of Ram bhakti. Abdul Karim, who is portraying the role of Bal Hanuman, showcases his innocence and mischief as a child.

Nirbhay Wadhwa's insights on the ongoing track

Speaking about the ongoing track, Nirbhay Wadhwa, who portrays the character of Lord Hanuman, stated, “In the show ‘Shrimad Ramayan,’ the introduction of Bal Hanuman represents more than just a fleeting moment; it signifies a profound manifestation of his divinity and why he is Lord Ram’s greatest devotee.”

He continued, “As we explore this sacred tale, we are transported to the tender years of his childhood, where innocence intertwines with boundless strength. Along his journey, we witness not only the relinquishment of his extraordinary powers but also the blossoming of his humility and unwavering devotion to Prabhu Shri Ram. This narrative serves as a poignant reminder that genuine fortitude stems not solely from physical prowess but from the purity of one's soul.”


Pinkvilla wishes you a happy Hanuman Jayanti!

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