Mahabharat, Ramayan, Malgudi Days, and more: 6 iconic Indian TV shows that every kid should watch at least once

From Mahabharat, and Ramayan, to Malgudi Days, here’s a list of the top 6 beloved Indian TV shows that gave vital life lessons to the spectators and should be watched by kids.

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Mahabharat, Malgudi Days
Mahabharat and Malgudi Days (Pic Credit: IMDb)

The world of television is huge. It comprises animated shows, mini-series, and daily soaps made in multiple genres like comedy, romance, thriller, and suspense to name a few. While TV shows have always been looked upon as a source of entertainment by the viewers, they can be preachy too. Some of the series produced on television like Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Malgudi Days, teach various life lessons to the audience. They are, in fact, perfect for viewing by children.

There is always a need to introduce kids to classic tales and timeless gems of Indian TV that not only provide a delightful experience but also impart knowledge. The reason is simple- they play a crucial role in developing a child's cognitive skills and social skills besides incorporating useful teachings.

Take a look at 6 memorable television shows that every kid should be encouraged to watch

1. Mahabharat

Mahabharat is one of two major Sanskrit texts of ancient India, which is considered sacred in Hinduism. The interesting tale has been intriguing audiences for generations with its multiple adaptations for TV. It narrates the events and consequences of the Kurukshetra war which was a battle of succession between two princely groups of cousins, Kauravas and Pandavas. 

Besides its devotional aspect, the timeless classic gives philosophical views on life. It can be viewed as more than just a story of ancient warriors putting in their best efforts to achieve victory. 


Mahabharat teaches children crucial life lessons like the significance of righteousness, and truth, and how wrong choices can impact them in the long run. 

2. Malgudi Days

Based on RK Narayan’s collection of short stories by the same name, Malgudi Days came out in 1986 on Doordarshan. It explored the complexities and joys of rural living. The show starred many renowned actors like Girish Karnad, B Jayashree, and Deven Bhojani among others. It was revived in 2004 for some additional episodes. 

The television series is apt for children as it introduces them to the simplicity and beauty of Indian village life. The characters in Malgudi Days are relatable. Their day-to-day experiences instill valuable life lessons on empathy, kindness, and the importance of community in kids. 

3. Ramayan 

Ramayan is another epic tale revered in Hinduism. It delves into Lord Ram’s life and his teachings. The story of Ayodhya’s prince has been converted into TV shows several times to incorporate spiritual feelings in viewers. 


Most recently, Sony TV launched Shrimad Ramayan which managed to receive immense love and recognition with its stellar cast and grandeur sets. The mythological drama beautifully unfolded gripping events from the saga. It featured Sujay Reu, Prachi Bansal, and Nikitin Dheer in pivotal roles. 

Ramayan emphasizes on values of bravery, valor, sacrifice, and triumph of good over evil, thereby becoming a must-watch for children. 

4. The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book has been transformed into a TV series and a film too. It encompasses a kid’s adventure with the animals of the forest. 

The plot of the show focuses on man-cub Mowgli who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after finding himself in a jungle soon after his birth. The animals welcome him with open arms and develop a friendly bond with him during his growing-up years. Mowgli’s two main allies- a panther named Bagheera and a free-spirited bear named Baloo help him after he receives a threat from tiger Sher Khan to leave the place he has been brought up at. 


The Jungle Book inculcates the importance of friendship, diversity, and respect for nature in children. 

5. Meena

Meena is a pan-South Asian animated series created by the world organization UNICEF. It came out in various languages like Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Odia, and Urdu. 

The show, which is centered around the adventures of a young girl named Meena, was made with a motive to create awareness about various social inequalities faced by children in South Asian countries.

Meena is seen dealing with and resolving real-life issues such as child marriages, unhygienic practices, restrictions on girls' education, dowry, nutrition problems, etc. in the cartoon series. It aims to empower children with knowledge about their rights, health, and gender equality. 

6. Jungle Tales

Jungle Tales is an adaptation of stories from the Panchatantra. It premiered in November 2004 on Cartoon Network and became the first indigenously made 3D animated program on the small screen.

The visually appealing show takes the children into the world of wildlife and brings them close to nature. It depicts the wonders of the animal kingdom while motivating kids to recognize the significance of wildlife conservation and co-existing with our mother Earth. 

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