One Piece Episode 1110: Luffy And Zoro Team Up With CP0; Release Date, Where To Stream, Plot Spoilers And More

The Straw Hat leaders pair up with CP0 members to face the daunting Seraphim. Don’t miss the next episode for more, and get One Piece Episode 1110’s release date, manga spoilers and more here.

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Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll
One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

One Piece Episode 1110 is just around the corner as we return to Egghead Island where Zoro and Luffy have temporarily teamed up with the Kaku and Lucci to fend off the Seraphim, S-Hawk, and S-Bear. Fans are excitedly awaiting the upcoming episode to find out what happens next, so don’t miss the episode and get the release date, expected plot, and more here. 

One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

One Piece Episode 1110: Release date and, where to stream

One Piece Episode 1110 is scheduled for release on Sunday, June 30, at 9:30 am JST. For viewers in other time zones, the episode will be available around 12:30 am GMT / 5:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm ET the same day. Keep in mind that the exact release time can vary due to time zone differences. To watch One Piece weekly, fans can tune in to Crunchyroll. Additionally, Netflix offers a live-action adaptation of the series. 

One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

One Piece Episode 1110 plot spoilers from the manga

One Piece Episode 1110 will be titled Survive! Deadly Combat with the Strongest Form of Humanity! The episode will continue the fight at Egghead as Zoro and CP0 face the Seraphim. In the Command Room, Luffy, Lucci, Zoro, and Kaku will struggle to inflict lasting damage on S-Bear and S-Hawk. Zoro will then notice a resemblance between the Seraphim and King the Conflagration from the Beasts Pirates.


Shaka will be shocked to learn that Kaidou had a Lunarian in his crew, and Zoro will admit he didn't know what King was. Shaka will reveal that King is Alber, who escaped Punk Hazard with Kaidou, and confirm that the Seraphim were created using King’s Lineage Factor.  

Zoro will advise Luffy, Lucci, and Kaku to watch the flames on the Seraphim's backs in One Piece Episode 1110. When the flames go out, the Seraphim become faster but lose their defense. He will apologize for not realizing this sooner, since King's dark skin, black wings, white hair, and fire are his most notable features. This only ends up annoying the others.

They will then observe that S-Bear and S-Hawk's flames are not going out. Luffy will also notice that S-Hawk has left the room. Lucci will deduce that S-Hawk aims to eliminate the weaker crew members first to rattle the stronger ones. Zoro will immediately pursue S-Hawk, and Luffy will instruct Kaku, whom he will call Usopp, to accompany Zoro to prevent him from getting lost.


Luffy will then continue to battle S-Bear, but Lucci will say that brute force alone won't suffice. Meanwhile, Bonney will still be looking into her father's memories in One Piece Episode 1110. The harrowing visions will bring her to her knees, and she will cry profusely, overwhelmed by the painful history she witnessed. 

One Piece [Eiichiro Oda, Netflix, Toei Animation, Crunchyroll]

One Piece Episode 1109 recap

Titled A Tough Decision! An Unusual United Front!, One Piece Episode 1109 opens with Zoro recognizing S-Hawk’s abilities as those of the Supa Supa no Mi, a Devil Fruit previously belonging to Mr. 1 of Baroque Works. As Zoro and Luffy engage in battle with S-Hawk and S-Bear, they find themselves hindered by the need to protect Lucci and Kaku, who are in the line of fire.

The situation becomes more dire as S-Bear charges up for a powerful Ursa Shock. Shaka and Luffy make a tough decision to remove Lucci and Kaku’s handcuffs, but only on the condition that they do not target the Vegapunk satellites. With this uneasy truce in place, Luffy and Lucci team up to launch combined attacks against S-Bear, while Zoro and Kaku join forces to combat S-Hawk.  


Meanwhile, on Elbaf, Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates are enjoying drinks at a bar, entertaining a child who dreams of joining their crew. Their merriment is interrupted by news of another invasion by the Kid Pirates in One Piece Episode 1109. Shanks, remembering how he previously severed Kid’s arm in battle, thinks Kid will desire revenge.

The Red Hair Pirates, joined by the giant warriors Dorry and Brogy, prepare to defend their territory. Shanks offers Kid a chance to escape unscathed if he hands over his Road Poneglyph copies. Unfazed by the overwhelming threat in One Piece Episode 1109, Kid instead chooses to confront Shanks and his formidable allies.

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