Did IU expose Jo Jung Suk’s secret YouTube channel featuring covers? Here’s why fans think so

IU recently posted a cover of her song Love wins all by a small YouTube account which turned out to be actor Jo Jung Suk’s as hinted by fans. Read on to know all the clues pointing towards the same!

Updated on Feb 17, 2024  |  12:33 PM IST |  174.6K
IU (Image Credits- IU's Instagram), Jo Jung Suk (Image Credits- tvN)
IU (Image Credits- IU's Instagram), Jo Jung Suk (Image Credits- tvN)
Key Highlight
  • IU posted a secret account's cover of her song Love wins all
  • Fans speculate through clues that the account belongs to actor Jo Jung Suk

Fans speculate that actress-soloist IU accidentally  revealed actor Jo Jung Suk's secret YouTube account, where he shares song covers. A keen-eyed netizen pointed out IU's recent Instagram story, featuring a cover of her song Love wins all by a small account. Fans quickly realized that the account belonged to none other than actor Jo Jung Suk!

IU reveals Jo Jung Suk’s account

Recently, IU shared some of her fans' covers of her new songs, including one by Cheonggyesan Daenggi Records of Love wins all. Fans observed that this YouTube channel had fewer than 100 subscribers and only three videos. Despite the cover having approximately 177 views and being posted nearly a week ago, fans found it heartwarming that IU appreciated covers from smaller channels. In her story, IU expressed her gratitude, writing, "Feels like a cozy cotton blanket... Thank you for a beautiful cover. By Cheonggyesan Daenggi Records-nim. Love wins all."

As more fans delved into the channel, suspicions arose that this YouTuber might not be an unknown after all. Many began to speculate that the mysterious musician was none other than actor Jo Jung Suk, with whom IU had previously collaborated on the 2013 K-Drama You Are the Best. They pointed out details such as the custom guitar used in the cover video, a gift from fans to the actor, as well as the actor's love for wearing a mint hoodie.


Furthermore, fans of Hospital Playlist are already aware of Jo Jung Suk's musical talents. The YouTube channel @cgs-records featured covers performed by an anonymous individual, including an AI cover, fueling further speculation about the true identity behind the channel. Adding to the intrigue is the variety of content found on the channel. It started with an AI version of Jo Jung Suk covering Gummy's Please Forget Me, and now, the most recent addition is a cover of IU's song.

The observant netizen also noted that fans who recognized Jo Jung Suk's voice left humorous comments on his AI cover of his wife's song, suggesting that despite being labeled as AI covers, the presence of ad-libs implies a real person performed it. Given Jo Jung Suk's friendship with IU and their previous collaboration, fans speculate that he may have shared his Love wins all cover with her without expecting it to be publicly shared.

Despite initially appearing as an innocent and casual YouTuber, fans strongly believe that the account is actually Jo Jung Suk's secret channel, where he shares song covers. Jo Jung Suk's agency, Jam Entertainment, has addressed the speculation by stating to MyDaily that they cannot confirm nor deny the actor's alleged YouTube channel. They further added that an official announcement regarding the matter will be made soon, adding to the anticipation and mystery surrounding the situation.

More about IU and Jo Jung Suk

The Best Lee Soon Shin, also known as You Are the Best!, follows the journey of Lee Soon Shin, a spirited young woman who relocates from a quaint island village to the bustling city of Seoul following her father's passing. Despite the initial coldness of the city, Lee Soon Shin's warmth and compassion gradually bring light to its residents.

IU portrays Lee Soon Shin with a vibrant energy that shines through even in adversity. Her endearing charm and innocence, which endeared her to fans, beautifully complement her character's essence. Released in 2013, this drama marks IU's collaboration with Jo Jung Suk. 

In the series, Jo Jung Suk plays Shin Joon Ho, a former singer-songwriter who found success as the CEO of Gabi Entertainment, a talent agency he established after leaving the music industry. Despite his privileged upbringing, Joon Ho faced pressure from his family to pursue medicine, leading to a strained relationship with his father. His romantic relationship with actress Choi Yeon Ah ended due to the failure of his second album. Through his encounters with Lee Soon Shin, Joon Ho reevaluates his understanding of success.


The series explores themes of self-discovery and reconciliation, as characters navigate personal growth and healing amidst life's challenges and setbacks.

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