Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Her 'Path' In Hollywood; Says This Has Been Her Life

Australian-American actress and film producer Nicole Kidman recently opened up about her path in Hollywood, saying how this has been her life. Deets Inside.

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Nicole Kidman Reflects On Hollywood Journey
Nicole Kidman (PC: Getty Images)

Aquaman actress Nicole Kidman recently shared that she initially found it tough to fit in with Hollywood's elite. "The first time I attended the Academy Awards, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated," recalls the 56-year-old actress, known for her roles in films like Dead Calm and TV hits like Big Little Lies and The Undoing. However, she grew comfortable over time, realizing she knew many of the attendees personally. 

Nicole Kidman, a producer, reflects on her journey in Hollywood, feeling a sense of belonging among her peers: "Now, I walk in and recognize most people here. It's like being with my tribe." She cherishes her family life too, raising daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret with her husband, Keith Urban. Kidman, who graced the cover of PEOPLE's Most Beautiful issue in 2002, expresses gratitude for her life: "I feel incredibly fortunate."

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The Undoing actress reflects on her lifelong journey in the spotlight

Starting work at 14, Nicole has grown up in the public eye, sharing her highs and lows with the world. It's been her path, encompassing her family, spouse, and career.

She acknowledges her introverted nature, preferring intimate gatherings over big crowds. Though not a fan of nightclubs, she embraces dancing and occasionally attends raves for the sheer joy of losing herself in the music. Music plays a significant role in her life, especially given her marriage to a musician. Traveling, a cherished aspect of her career, fulfills her aspiration of being a global citizen. Working across diverse locations with directors from various backgrounds has allowed her to form profound connections with many individuals.


Nicole Kidman (PC: IMDb)

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Golden Globe winner: Mentorship gratitude & female director support

The Golden Globe award actress added, "I've been fortunate to have numerous mentors who generously supported me when I needed help. Their guidance and love have been invaluable, inspiring me to pay it forward by helping others."  When asked about her collaboration in the past she further added, "I'm thrilled to collaborate with talented female directors making a big impact today, like Lulu Wang, Mimi Cave, Halina Reijn, Susanne Bier, and Karyn Kusama. They're shaping narratives, creating diverse roles, and I'm honored to support their vision."

Nicole Kidman (PC: IMDb)

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Nicole Kidman embraces authority, collaboration, and balance

When asked how she juggles being an actress and producer on projects like Expats and Big Little Lies, she shared, "It's about embracing my authority and realizing that I can not only perform in the show but also lead it, making tough, strategic decisions to bring it to fruition. My analytical side, which was neglected since I'm more inclined towards creativity, is now being tapped into. While my emotional side is my strength and passion, I'm finding balance by utilizing my logical faculties as well."


"I've realized my ability to take charge and make decisive decisions in leading this show, not just performing in it. While my creative side has always been dominant, I've also discovered untapped potential in my analytical skills, which were overshadowed during my school days. Though I find great joy in expressing my emotions, I'm now finding a balance by embracing both aspects of my personality."

"I can share responsibilities and collaborate effectively. For example, Reese Witherspoon and I constantly discuss and strategize, starting from our work on Big Little Lies. She's a trusted confidant with whom I can share and seek guidance. Having such supportive people in my life is invaluable; it's reassuring to know you can rely on others."

Nicole Kidman (PC: IMDb)

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Nicole Kidman finds strength in family and friends 

The Academy award winner, Nicole Kidman has a strong support system in her family, including her sister, mother, nieces, nephews, and daughters. Raising her soon-to-be 16-year-old and 13-year-old daughters brings her immense joy as they are wonderful individuals. Additionally, she feels blessed to have Keith, her beloved partner, who gives her the assurance and love to pursue her endeavors confidently, knowing she has a nurturing home to return to.


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