‘The well only goes…’: When Ryan Gosling opened up about his dysfunctional relationship with Nice Guy co-star Russell Crowe

In a 2016 interview, Ryan Gosling led us through his interesting relationship with his Nice Guy co-star Russell Crowe. Scroll through to find out what the actor said.

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Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe (Picture Credits: The Nice Guys/IMDb)
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Ryan Gosling is one of the most dynamic actors today. Gosling rose to prominence after his oh-so-noteworthy performances in The Notebook and La La Land. He is everybody’s favorite romantic hero in Hollywood. Despite being a heartthrob, he once did a film called Nice Guys, ditching his usual demeanor and stepping into a horrific journey. In the film, Ryan Gosling worked with his buddy Russell Crowe, with whom he shared an interesting bond. As per Entertainment Tonight, in a 2016 interview with Norton Graham, Gosling shared details from his dysfunctional relationship with his pal Russell Crowe.

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe (Picture Credits: The Nice Guys/IMDb)

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Ryan Gosling shared details of his bond with Russell Crowe

As per Entertainment Tonight, in a 2016 interview with Graham Norton, Ryan Gosling, Hollywood’s elite, shared details about his interesting and dysfunctional bond with his Nice Guy co-actor Russell Crowe. Speaking of his bond, when he was questioned about whether the publicity tour for the film was over, Gosling shared insight into his bond.

Gosling said, "Thank God," and then Crowe jumped in and said that they still had some cities left, and he loved going out with his co-star because he attracted younger women. Crowe further said it’s great for him because Gosling is in a committed relationship, so it worked out for him. To which, the La La Land actor said, "It's been my job to provide that, and, don't you know, I've been doing my best, but the well only goes so deep."

He then continued saying, “We go to therapy; we've had it; it's been a long run; we're doing all right now; aren't we pal? Can I touch you? Sorry, Russell doesn't like direct eye contact; he takes it as a sign of aggression."


Ryan Gosling on the work front

Ryan Gosling has delivered some of the most promising performances in recent memory. From La La Land to Barbie, he has made a significant impact on the business. Greta Gerwig's universally acclaimed plastic live-action film Barbie starred Ryan Gosling as the infamous Ken doll. Margot Robbie also plays an important role in the film. The film was the year's most anticipated release. Gosling and his family were seen on a beach holiday after the release of his most recent film.

Ryan Gosling (Picture Credits: Barbie?IMDb)

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling's portrayal of Ken in Barbie may earn him an Oscars nomination for Best Supporting Role. Barbie is now available for rent on Amazon Prime Video, where you can watch Gosling work his magic.

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Who is Ryan Gosling's wife?
Eva Mendes is the wife of Ryan Gosling.

Who played the role of Ken in Barbie?
Ryan Gosling played the role of Ken in Barbie.

How many kids does Ryan Gosling have?
Ryan Gosling has 2 kids with Eva Mendes.

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