Antonio Brown Reveals Bizarre Reason Why He Makes Controversial Jokes about Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

Antonio Brown recently shared some surprising reasons for making controversial jokes about Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, sparking curiosity and reactions.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  07:31 PM IST |  54.9K
Antonio Brown commenting on Tom Brady (PC:Twitter)
Antonio Brown commenting on Tom Brady (PC:Twitter)

Antonio Brown is a former NFL wide receiver known for his athletic prowess. He has often been the subject of controversial headlines. Yet again, this time not for actions on the field but for his venture into the media with CTESPN. 

Since announcing his retirement from professional football, Brown has been a prominent figure on social media. There, he engages in provocative behavior and outspoken commentary. He particularly targeted figures like Tom Brady and made unconventional jokes about Gisele Bündchen. 

The unexpected reason behind Antonio Brown's controversial jokes

These actions have stirred both fascination and criticism. However, there appears to be a strategic motive behind Brown's online persona. In a recent interview on The Pivot, hosted by Fred Taylor, AB shared his thought process. 

The former NFL player was questioned about his tendency to push boundaries online, especially with high-profile figures like Tom Brady. His response was surprisingly straightforward. He shed light on his entrepreneurial mindset. The footballer's deliberate approach behind his controversial online presence was nothing but a business strategy.

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"I get paid online. I run ads. I’m running a business online," Brown explained frankly, adding, "These kids these days, they don’t watch TV. They watch their phone, so to be able to attract to the masses or the kids, you got to have some sort of entertaining value." This statement shows Brown's awareness of the evolving media landscape. Even his strategy is to capitalize on digital platforms where attention is currency. He is trying to leverage his personal brand through the controversy surrounding him.


Brown aims to drive traffic and engagement to CTESPN. That is also the reason he is positioning viable media outlets in today's digital age. Initially perceived as a platform solely for Brown's retaliatory remarks against media scrutiny and public perception, CTESPN is revealed to be a more calculated venture. 

It seeks not only to generate buzz but also to carve out a niche where Brown can influence the narrative, especially about athletes and challenging mainstream media's portrayal of their lives."I started CTESPN because the media don’t have a code of ethics in regards to what they have to report," Brown elaborated. 

He further said, "Anybody can report anything you want. That doesn’t mean it’s valid, you know. There’s no code of ethics to say what you could put out."

The critique reflects Brown's frustration with media practices that often prioritize sensationalism over accuracy and sensitivity. By establishing CTESPN, Brown intends to set a different standard. One that prioritizes authenticity and provides athletes with a platform to share their experiences without distortion or exploitation.


What exactly does Antonio Brown say about Gisele Bündchen?

The buzz he created about Gisele Bündchen happened after Tom Brady’s Netflix roast show. There, comedian and actor Kevin Hart mocked Brady, saying, “Gisele is actually here supporting you tonight, but just full transparency - she came as Antonio Brown's plus 1.” Hart didn't stop there, as he kept asking the audience, “What did I say?”

Soon after this, Brown re-shared a clip on his X (formerly Twitter) account which plays the particular section of Hart’s joke. He shared it with the caption, “In the crowd as Giselle's +1,” followed by a crying-laughing emoji. Soon after this, he made the crowd question his actions.

Beyond stirring controversy, Brown envisions CTESPN as a vehicle for meaningful storytelling. He expressed a desire to showcase athletes' journeys through adversity. It highlights their resilience in the face of challenges both on and off the field.


"Well, we want to be able to cover more stories, talk to the legendary guys like yourself, and know how you made it through your traumas," Brown articulated. 

He continued, "How do you persevere from being a free agent? How do you persevere from being great and they bring another running back and try to minimize your role? Like how do you handle that?"

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Brown's approach to media and public relations may continue to draw skepticism and controversy. His commitment to CTESPN as more than just a reactionary outlet is evident. Meanwhile, Antonio Brown's journey from NFL stardom to media entrepreneur with CTESPN reflects a strategic evolution in his career.

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