Joe Anik is Still ‘Super Ambitious’ About Conor McGregor’s Return After His UFC 303 Pullout

Discover Joe Anik's bold predictions about Conor McGregor's 2024 comeback post-UFC 303 pullout. Will McGregor return stronger? Find out now!

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  10:23 PM IST |  58.5K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

The MMA world felt a collective letdown when Conor McGregor pulled out of UFC 303. Can he really make a comeback? Joe Anik thinks so. Despite the setback, Anik's recent comments spark a beacon of hope. He boldly predicts McGregor will fight twice in eight months next year.

Sounds ambitious, right? Especially considering McGregor's injury saga and three-year hiatus. But Anik, ever the optimist, sees a high-level return for the notorious fighter. Will McGregor prove the doubters wrong again, or is this just wishful thinking from one of MMA's most recognizable voices?

Will McGregor prove the doubters wrong? Anik thinks so!

Joe Anik, a seasoned voice in the world of MMA commentary, hasn't lost faith in Conor McGregor. "I fully expect him to compete in 2024, to come back at a high level. Fight twice in eight months. I know it sounds ridiculous and super ambitious," Anik declared at UFC Hall of Fame red carpet.

His belief in McGregor's return not only reflects his confidence but also highlights the potential excitement McGregor's comeback could bring to the UFC.

Why did McGregor pull out of UFC 303, though? The answer lies in his recent injury woes. Initially scheduled to battle Michael Chandler, McGregor had to step back due to a broken toe — seemingly minor yet significant enough to hinder his training and mobility. This was a critical decision, especially considering his past injury, a severe leg break in 2021 during a fight against Dustin Poirier, which has haunted his career ever since.


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Moreover, the cancellation wasn't just a simple pullout. The lead-up to the announcement was filled with suspense and speculation. A scheduled press conference in Dublin was abruptly cancelled, and McGregor was seen partying, raising doubts about his focus and physical readiness. Finally, the Irish star confirmed the setback himself, stating that the injury required more time to heal than was available, forcing him to withdraw from the fight.

Anik’s prediction post-cancellation sheds light on the broader implications of McGregor's potential return. He views McGregor not just as a fighter making another run in the octagon but as a figure capable of reigniting interest across the sport. The idea of McGregor fighting twice in such a short span post-injury is not just a testament to his resilience but also to the dynamism he brings to the sport.

Ilia Topuria’s change of heart


So, why does Ilia Topuria no longer want to fight Conor McGregor? El Matador, once a big fan of McGregor, recently shared his change of heart in an interview with Marca. "He's already lost. He's already very weak," Topuria said. He added, "He no longer has the self-confidence he had before.

He had confidence in his preparation and all the effort he put into his preparation and improvement. Right now, he doesn't do it, so he doesn't have confidence anymore." Topuria didn’t stop there.

"He lost confidence in himself, in his abilities, in everything, and he resorts to any excuse to not get inside the octagon," he continued. Topuria even took verbal jabs at McGregor on Twitter, calling him “mentally broken” after his UFC 303 pullout. It seems that the admiration is now a thing of the past.

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