Nate Diaz’s Classic Reaction to Conor McGregor’s $1.6 Million Win Attributed to Him

Nate Diaz's reaction to Conor McGregor's huge win is priceless. Discover what he had to say and the latest updates on their rivalry!

Published on Jul 07, 2024  |  05:21 PM IST |  48.9K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Can betting on a rival turn profitable? If you're Conor McGregor, it seems so. Betting big, McGregor pocketed over $1.1 million, thanks to Nate Diaz. This wasn't just any win; it was Diaz's triumphant rematch against Jorge Masvidal. Their first encounter ended controversially, but this time Diaz sealed the deal with his relentless endurance.

How did Diaz react to McGregor’s windfall from his victory? True to form, with a nonchalant remark. But what does this mean for their past rivalry? And does McGregor's successful gamble increase the respect in their relationship?

Diaz wins, McGregor rakes in cash

Nate Diaz's reaction to Conor McGregor's hefty betting win was as understated as expected. When told about McGregor's $1.1 million profit, Diaz simply said, “That’s cool.” This response came after Diaz notched a victory over Jorge Masvidal in their much-anticipated boxing rematch.

The fight itself was a display of stamina and skill, finally putting their previous UFC 244 encounter's controversial doctor stoppage to rest. McGregor had confidently placed a $500,000 bet on Diaz, showcasing not only his belief in Diaz's boxing prowess but also his flair for high stakes.

The match unfolded with both fighters delivering intense performances, reflecting their well-matched skills and determination. As the rounds progressed, Diaz’s ability to maintain pressure and volume began to tip the scales in his favor, leading to a majority decision that awarded him the win.


The result? McGregor's gamble paid off handsomely, turning his half-million bet into over a million dollars in return. This scenario added a rich layer to the ongoing narrative between the two fighters, transforming their rivalry into an avenue for mutual benefit—at least for McGregor, this time around.

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Diaz's next moves

After the fight, Nate Diaz wasted no time and made his intentions clear. In his post-fight interview, Diaz called out Jake Paul for a rematch, aiming to avenge his previous loss by unanimous decision last year. “It feels good to get the job done for sure. Mission accomplished. I can feel the love out here in Cali every time, shout out California, it’s all love,” Diaz said.

He didn't stop there. Diaz also expressed his desire to fight the highest-ranked boxer he can find, underlining his ambition to be the best fighter in the world. “I’m going to beat Jake Paul’s f***ing a**, and I’m down to fight the highest-ranked boxer I can find. My main objective has always been to be the best fighter in the world, so I’m going to go back to get a UFC title. Leon Edwards, Jake Paul, anybody else, you’re dead,” Diaz declared.


Meanwhile, Jorge Masvidal, who felt the decision was unfair, voiced his disagreement in a fiery post-fight interview. “I thought I won, I thought I hit the harder shots. He had more volume, but I thought I landed the harder shots,” Masvidal said. He’s ready for another showdown, adding, “All glory to Jesus Christ, I thought I won, I’m definitely down to do it again.”

The rivalry between these fighters is far from over, and fans can expect more fireworks in the future. What do you think about McGregor’s confidence in Diaz? Do you believe Diaz can take on Jake Paul and reclaim UFC gold? 

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