Top 5 Prospects to Watch Out for in the 2024 NBA Draft

With multiple first-overall exceptional talents, the 2024 NBA Draft is building up to be unpredictable. Explore the top five prospects and gain insights on the potential future stars

Published on Jun 27, 2024  |  02:20 AM IST |  87.9K
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

The 2024 NBA Draft is shaping up to be an exciting event, as it will be a two-night affair for the first time ever. Taking place at Barclays Center and ESPN’s Seaport District Studios, this year’s draft class is filled with promising players capable of becoming potential future stars.

Unlike last year’s draft, where the first overall pick in Victor Wembanyama was a lockdown, this year’s first overall pick is still shrouded in uncertainty. With the draft less than 24 hours away, teams are eagerly evaluating their top prospects, hoping to find the next cornerstone of their franchise. 

Among the many talented prospects, five stand out for their exceptional skills, versatility, and potential to impact the game, possibly in the long run. With that in mind, here are the top five prospects to watch out for in the 2024 NBA Draft:

Donovan Clingan (UConn)

Standing 7 feet 2 inches tall with a 7 feet 7-inch wingspan, Donovan Clingan is the textbook definition of a defensive big man. With his style of play, Clingan can block shots, challenge shots, and alter scoring attempts around the rim with relative ease.  


Clingan is meticulous with his rejections as he waits for the offensive player to leave the floor before he does to block the shot. 


On offense, Clingan is an effective screen, pick-and-roll player. When he rolls in for the basket, he can stop, post up, and easily finish at the rim in post-up situations. 

The way Clingan is playing currently, he is likely to make his most significant impact defensively. A proven elite-level player and two-time national champion, Cligan can be an impact player on arrival in the NBA. 

Devin Carter (Providence)

Devin Carter might not seem like he can do much beyond scoring the ball, but appearances can be deceiving. What basketball experts appreciate about Carter is that he is a gritty, athletic guard who impacts the game on the defensive end.


Carter stands 6’3 with a reported wingspan of over 6 feet 8 inches. With that length and impressive athleticism, he can challenge shots and even block shots on the regular.  

Carter is a dedicated two-way player who can impact the game on both ends of the floor. Carter went from averaging 28.8% from three in his first two years to over 40% in catch-and-shoot situations in year three.       


Having considerably improved in three years of college as a shooter, there is no denying Carter's potential. Based on his existing form, Carter is going to be at least a highly efficient role player in the NBA. 

Ron Holland (G-League Ignite) 

Standing 6 feet 8 inches tall, Ron Holland is an athletic force who uses his athleticism to get to the basket and finish strong at the rim. 


Holland can run up and down the court with ease and make quick reads of the opponent's offensive arrangement. When Holland gets to the basket, he can elevate high, thanks to his 38-inch vert, and score with ease. 

With his length and peak fitness, Holland has all the tools to develop into a star defender on any team in the NBA. Offensively, Holland loves to play in the paint, can stretch the defense, and knock down threes when he should. 

Whether a lottery pick or not, Holland has a ton of potential if he gets picked in the upcoming NBA Draft. 


Reed Sheppard (Kentucky) 

One thing that stands out about Reed Shepard is that he is arguably the best shooter in this year’s draft. Whether it's catch and shoot, shooting off the dribble, field goal scoring, or three-point shooting, Shepard is a primetime shooter.


Shepard is a sneaky good athlete with an insane 42-inch vert, the best in the 2024 draft combine. He is also a skilled defender, gets valuable steals, and reads the court very well for his age. 

To further advocate Sheppard’s shooting ability, he shot 55.5% from two, 52% from three, and 53.6% from the field in his lone season at Kentucky. 

A highly efficient shooter and among the best shooting point guards in draft history, Reed Sheppard is guaranteed to be a steal in the 2024 draft. 

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Stephon Castle (UConn)

A 2023-24 Big East Conference ROY, Stephon Castle plays at a high level on both ends of the floor. However, his marquee ability is the defensive end.


Doesn’t matter if it’s the opposing team’s best wing or guard; Castle’s 1 on 1 defense is tight and simply outstanding. He is able to anticipate his opponent’s movements, keeps a balanced foot movement, and stays close to their shooting angle to prevent them from scoring. 


The cherry on top of his defensive efforts is his reaction time. 

Castle also plays respectable offense. Being highly agile, Castle is a driver, a slasher, a transition finisher, and can finish above the rim, thanks to his 37-inch vert.

To top it off, the 6’6 shooting guard also has commendable play-making ability. Simply put, Castle is worthy of being a top pick in this year’s draft.

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Other notable prospects to look for

Zaccharie Risacher: Risacher is a 6’9 forward with 6' 10 wingspan. The Frenchman is a talented 3-and-D player, excellent finisher in the paint, good in transition, solid defensively, and decent from the field.     


Alex Sarr: The most notable physical attribute of Sarr is his impressive wingspan. With a reach extending beyond 7 '4, Sarr is a shot blocker and rim protector. Though not a proven three-point shooter, he has shown the aptitude for it. 

With his defensive potential, Sarr is the kind of center who can be an All-NBA Defensive player down the line.  

Zach Edey: Zach Edey was one of the notable standouts in this year’s Draft combine. Arguably one of the most decorated big man in recent college basketball history, Edey is undeniably a defensive juggernaut, a standout rebounder, and a post up dominant center. 


Edey played a monumental role in leading Purdue to the finals of the 2024 National Championship. A two-time Naismith and Wooden Award winner, among other outstanding achievements, Edey can likely prove to be a steal for any top ten pick teams. 

With some of the elite talents and a sense of uncertainty for the No.1 overall pick, the 2024 NBA Draft will be an exciting watch. 

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