Who is CM Punk's dog Larry and Why Did Drew McIntyre Mention Him On WWE RAW?

Drew McIntyre took on not just CM Punk but also his dog and his wife, AJ Lee on WWE RAW, in a latest verbal attack. Find out more information about Punk’s dog.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  05:01 PM IST |  172.7K
From Left: CM Punk, Punk's dog, Larry and Drew McIntyre. Photo: Getty/Instagram

Drew McIntyre has now firmly locked his eyes on CM Punk. After thrashing the Second City Saint in his own town of Chicago on SmackDown last week, McIntyre took further barbs on him on Monday Night RAW.  This time, The Scottish Psychopath's personal attacks were more sharp, as he also roped in Punk’s wife, AJ Lee and his dog, Larry.

What did McIntyre say about Punk’s dog and wife?

He took out a bracelet from his pocket, which was CM Punk’s and flung it in front of the camera.

“This is worth about 50 cents, no real meaning, but I know this is priceless for you, as this bears the name of your wife, and your stupid looking dog. You wear this when you leave your home, so you don’t feel alone. But you are alone Punk right now, and you are in pain,” he said.

McIntyre is going unabated against Punk, because he has previously also given his personal reasons why he hates CM Punk

He said that now he has his wife and dog with him, and now he is going to win the Money In The Bank contract, while Punk lies at his home battered and injured. While he was continuing his rant against Punk, the entire arena started chanting “Larry Larry”. 


McIntyre brought in Punk’s wife and dog, because Punk is known to have a special relationship with his dog. In the past also, CM Punk posted about his dog’s condition, when the canine was hurt as a result of Punk’s real-life backstage brawl with Kenny Omega and Jack Perry at AEW in 2021. 

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What do we know about CM Punk's dog Larry?

CM Punk spoke about his dog, Larry Talbutt in a YouTube video back in 2021. He had said that he adopted the dog from an agency. He said that he and his wife were scanning the pictures of dogs from agencies one night, and then his wife showed him a picture of Larry. "And I just said Yes, that's the one," Punk said.  The next day, he went to the agency and did the paperwork and got back the dog at their place.


“Larry has got three dozen names, He's Larry, bobo, baba, bobo. He's a bit of a wild man, he's a bit of a wolf man. I believe that his mood changes on the basis of phases of the moon. He's active, he runs around, he can get excited as he tries to match the energy in the room,” Punk said while  talking about Larry.

Punk said that Larry doesn't like many people around him, and that's ok as he and his wife also don't like many people. “He's the perfect fit for our house. He is just a sour-patch kid and it just depends on his mood," Punk mentioned. He specifically said that he's pretty sure that if he and his wife didn't rescue Larry, Larry wouldn't have been able to make it this far.

At last, Punk said that Larry  gives him and his wife immense joy. He remarked that what Larry gave them, is something they wouldn't have been able to find in any other dog.


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