Anushka Sen says Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the 'best relationship guru'; advised her to date 'carefully'

Actress Anushka Sen’s unfiltered interaction in a podcast will leave you amazed. The actress cherishes her bond with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Updated on Feb 19, 2024  |  03:41 PM IST |  98.7K
PC: Anushka Sen and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Instagram)
PC: Anushka Sen and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Anushka Sen comments on her work experience with MS Dhoni 
  • Anushka Sen recalls her first meet with MS Dhoni 
  • Anushka Sen says MS Dhoni is an idol

Young actress Anushka Sen has been working from a very young age in the industry. Recently, in a podcast she opened up about her harmonious relationship with the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, whom she’s worked with on a popular ad shoot. She shared her working experience with him and how they bonded. 

Anushka Sen comments on her work experience with MS Dhoni 

When asked about her working experience with MS Dhoni, Anushka Sen said, “Honestly it still feels like a dream.” The actress further said that it felt like a hallucination because Dhoni was the opposite of what people think a celebrity would be. Anushka recalls that she has done fourteen to fifteen advertisements over seven years. Referring to MS Dhoni, the actress added, “He was so sweet not only to me. The best part about him it's that he treats everybody with respect, with equal respect. Doesn’t matter if you are somebody working behind the camera or if you are an actor.” 

Anushka Sen recalls her first meet with MS Dhoni 

Anushka recalls the first time when she saw Dhoni on the set. The assistant director asked her if she wanted to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni to which she immediately responded with a yes. Quoting Anushka, “I remember the first day on the set. The assistant director said, "Do you wanna meet Mahi? I’m like yes I do. He is my favourite cricketer. He is my favourite person. I have to meet him.” However, the assistant director wanted them to meet before the shoot so that she could let go of all of her hesitations, as she was just an eleven-year-old girl. 


Anushka couldn’t stop her excitement while sharing the conversation where she initially bonded with the former Indian Cricket Team captain. The 21-year-old said, “I went and met with him and he was like, So where are you from? I’m from Ranchi. You are also from Ranchi, right? And that created like the first bond and we were like ‘Yeah! Go Ranchi! Go Ranchi! Go Jharkhand!”

The 21-year-old further shares that they kept on bonding over the years over their pep talks where they used to meet once a year and discuss everything. The young celeb recalls that she used to give Dhoni all the gossip about her recent projects and school life whereas he used to advise her, “Don’t mess with you know this boy energy. You date very carefully.” Anushka further calls him ‘the best relationship guru.”

Anushka Sen says MS Dhoni is an idol

Apart from being nice to Anushka, Dhoni’s little fangirl describes that the cricketer was polite towards everyone on the set. Additionally, she said, “He has taken pictures with my parents and you know he has spoken to them that, Oh your daughter is so lovely!” She describes how he used to wait after the pack-up to let everyone click photos with him. Her bond with MS Dhoni was so intense that she started calling him, ‘Chachu.’

The actress also mentioned that her father still keeps on referring to Mahendra Singh Dhoni when it comes to inculcating calm and down-to-earth behavior. 

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