MTV Splitsvilla X5: Arbaz Patel and Siwet Tomar get into war of words; will Harsh Arora ditch Rushali Yadav?

MTV Splitsvilla X5 will witness an exciting dome session with Arbaz Patel and Nayera Ahuja and Harsh Arora winning the precious challenge.

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Harsh Arora, Rushali Yadav, Arbaz Patel, Siwet Tomar
Harsh Arora, Rushali Yadav, Arbaz Patel and Siwet Tomar (PC: MTV)

MTV Splitsvilla X5 is gearing up for an exciting episode. The show recently welcomed two new wildcard entries, which have created a lot of chaos in the dynamics between contestants. The previous task, "Long Drive Pe Chal," was won by Nayera Ahuja, Arbaz Patel, and their sabotager, Harsh Arora. With these three claiming the power, their opponents will have to face their wrath. Amid the competition, things between Arbaz and Siwet are set to get worse.

Arbaz Patel and Siwet Tomar's fiery exchange

In the previous challenge, Siwet called for a foul from Arbaz's side, which irked the latter. According to the camera footage, Arbaz didn't foul, leaving Siwet disappointed. After winning the task, the duo will once again indulge in a fiery exchange during the dome session. Arbaz will be seen confronting Siwet, telling him not to challenge or threaten him. Siwet tries to defend himself, but Patel seems to overpower him.

Take a look at the recent promo of MTV Splitsvilla X5:

Harsh Arora to choose between Rushali Yadav or power in game

Last week in MTV Splitsvilla X5, Harsh Arora and Rushali Yadav went in front of the Oracle to test their bond. They weren't deemed an ideal match. However, they have expressed true love for each other and have planned to stick together, choosing not to seek their ideal matches by forming connections with others. With Harsh winning the previous task, he will now be asked to save one person with whom he could go in front of the Oracle.


It will be exciting to see if Harsh will save Rushali and stay true to his word, or if he will flip and choose another connection to test his bond in front of the Oracle.

Mischief Maker Uorfi Javed's secret challenges

This week's episode started with a bang, with Uorfi Javed giving exciting secret challenges to Kashish, Anicka, Harsh, and Arbaz. Kashish was asked to compliment Jashwant's physique. Anicka was asked to mellow down to her ex, Lakshya, in front of her current connection, Siwet. Harsh was tasked with picking a fight with Siwet, Jashwant, and Addy, while Arbaz was asked to make Nayera insecure by trying to form a connection with the new wildcard entrants.

Among those chosen by Uorfi, only Kashish and Arbaz succeeded in their tasks and earned the opportunity to perform in the next challenge.

New wildcard entrant in MTV Splitsvilla X5

The first wildcard contestant of this season was Shubhi Joshi. Joshi had a past with Harsh Arora, who asked her to wait for him until the show ended, as he only wanted to perform on the show and had no intentions of finding love. However, Arora found love with Rushali Yadav when he came on the show. Joshi and Yadav were roommates, which made the dynamics even more complicated.


While Joshi asked Yadav to look out for Arora on the show, she was shocked to see that the duo had formed a connection and even fallen in love with each other. Arora claimed that he had fallen for Yadav and would be with her, leaving Shubhi disappointed.

Meanwhile, the second wildcard contestant of the season is Swastika Bhatt, who had a connection with Sachin Sharma. Sachin was performing the challenges with Ishita; however, with Swastika's entry, Sachin is inclined towards her and wants to break his connection with Ishita.

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