MTV Splitsvilla X5: Will wildcard entry create rift between ideal match Rushali Yadav and Harsh Arora?

A new wildcard contestant has entered the MTV Splitsvilla X5's Love Den which might create a major rift between ideal match Rushali Yadav and Harsh Arora. The duo gets emotional.

Aqsa Akbani Siddiqui
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Published on May 19, 2024 | 01:44 PM IST | 265.4K
Harsh Arora, Rushali Yadav, Shubhi Joshi
Harsh Arora, Rushali Yadav and Shubhi Joshi (PC: Harsh and Shubi's Instagram)

MTV Splitsvilla X5 is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The show is all set to test one of the most lovable couples of the season, Harsh Arora and Rushali Yadav. The duo became the first ideal match of the season and has been enjoying the perks of the same. They were also the first couple to enjoy the luxury of The Love Den but now, seems like the duo will be facing a tough time in the villa with a new entry.

New wildcard entry for Harsh Arora

In the previous episode of MTV Splitsvilla X5, Harsh Arora received a mischief box and was asked to go to the Love Den again, but the catch was that he needed to go there alone and not with his partner Rushali Yadav. The duo was quick to assume the twist of a new entrant in their love story leaving them distraught. 

In the Love Den, a beautiful wildcard contestant Shubhi Joshi was waiting for Harsh to arrive. Harsh, who knew her was surprised seeing her. He informed her about his ideal match Rushali. However, Shubhi mentioned in her video that she would break Harsh's connection and try to form a new bond with him.

Take a look at the glimpses from the MTV Splitsvilla X5 episode here:

Rushali Yadav and Harsh Arora got emotional

Before letting Harsh go to the Love Den, Rushali was quite shaken by the thought of him forming a bond with the new entrant and feared the twist that was in store for them as a couple. The duo cried because of the shocking twist. However, Rushali wiped Harsh's tears and asked him to go and meet the new girl. 


After Harsh left, Rushali cried as she hugged Shobika and told her that in her life, she has lost people because of others and she don't want the same to happen with her this time. 

The previous challenge of MTV Splitsvilla X5

The previous challenge of MTV Splitsvilla X5 was titled Lambi Khudaiyi wherein contestants who perform in trios had to dig holes backward and find keys. After opening a treasure box, they got a number through which they had to open a book with the same page number and complete the task by deciding to put one contestant in the unsafe zone. Three trios performed the task, Anika-Addy-Kashish, Dewangini-Sachin-Ishita, and Ruru-Digvijay-Unnati. Dewangini-Sachin-Ishita came last and was unsafe in the dome session.

Ruru-Digvijay-Unnati came second. While Unnati was unsafe because of the decision, only one contestant among Unnati and Digvijay could be saved. Digvijay and Ruru saved Unnati from elimination leaving her emotional.


Anika-Addy-Kashish won the challenge. While Anika decided to put herself in the unsafe zone, Addy and Kashish were immune from elimination in the upcoming dome session.

The upcoming dome session

The upcoming dome session will be filled with twists and turns. Rushali will pour her heart in front of everyone on feeling miserable with the new twist which made Harsh leave her and go to the Love Den with someone else. A major argument will occur between Ruru and Addy-Kashish. Digvijay, Siwet, and Addy will yet again get into a major fight leaving the atmosphere of the dome session intense.

It will be exciting to see which couple gets a chance to test their bond in the forthcoming episode.

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