Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, May 7: Abhira tries to bring Madhav and Vidya closer

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhira tries to bring Madhav and Vidya closer. Armaan and Ruhi get angry at her and interfere.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's recent episode (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1282: Today’s Episode starts with Madhav asking Vidya if she saw how Abhirra, in an unconscious state, called out for Armaan and he rushed to be by her side. He says they will soon fall in love. Ruhi and Dadi overhear this. Abhira gains consciousness and thinks of Armaan. She thinks if Armaan was holding his hand. 

Armaan pleads with Vidya to not break the relationship with Madhav. She says it’s not because of him that they are separating. She hugs him and says it was his dad’s mistake. Armaan says Madhav considers Abhira his daughter, so it’s not his mistake, and he only takes her side. Vidya says he got Abhira home for some other reason. Vidya makes him promise that family will always be first priority for him.

Manisha comes to Abhira and asks her to drink the juice. She asks her to show greed in her eyes if she is a gold digger. Abhira acts rudely and asks her to leave. Manisha asks if she can hide her love for them by being rude. She asks if Abhira returned to save Madhav and Vidya’s marriage.


Dadi thinks of Kajal’s words and gets worked up. Ruhi comes and says Armaan will never fall in love with Abhira. Dadi says he will fall in love with her; a man gives his heart to the one he supports. Ruhi says this is old-school thinking; a man looks for a friend in his partner. Dadi says Abhira is stubborn; she will never let Armaan get away from him. Ruhi tells Dadisa that she is equally stubborn. She provokes Dadi. Dadi asks her to tell Abhira that she will stay away from the family.


Swarna cries and thinks Manish is still upset with me. Manish comes and gives her a white handkerchief, saying he has come to make peace. He hugs her and says she should have thought from a woman’s perspective. She says she has tried to separate Ruhi from Armaan ever since she learned about them. He says Abhira has returned to Armaan, and Ruhi has no work there; she cannot spend all her life with misunderstanding and false hope.

Ruhi sits and goes through the family album pictures of Gangaur. Swarna says Ruhi is not picking up calls. Manish says he will go to the Poddar house the next day and forcefully bring back Ruhi. 

Armaan comes to Ruhi and asks her why she is so good. The two praise each other. The two discuss how to bring Vidya and Madhav closer. Armaan says they can lock them in the room like he got stuck with Abhira the other day. Ruhi says even now he is thinking of Abhira. She asks him to make another plan.

Aryan and Kiara ask Vidya to come and see what happened to Armaan. Krish goes to Madhav and says the same thing. They rush to Armaan’s room. Abhira locks the door from outside. Vidya asks her to open the door. Abhira says she will open the door only when they have resolved their issues. 

Vidya scolds Abhira as she advises her to save the relationship and not let her ruin it. Madhav asks Vidya to think of it. Vidya says she has nothing to think about and asks Abhira to open the door. Ruhi and Armaan come there.

Abhira refuses to give them the keys. Armaan chases Abhira, and Ruhhi snatches it from her. She opens the door, and Vidya and Madhav head in different directions. Armaan follows Vidya, and Ruhi follows Madhav. Vidya asks Armaan to warn Abhira to stay away from her. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched on Hotstar.

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