Anupamaa Written Update, Apr 20: Aadya and Pari get stuck in school amidst terrorist attack

In today's episode, Anupama manages to win the first round of the Superstar Chef competition. Later, she and Shruti find solace in each other as Aadya and Pari get in a dangerous situation.

Published on Apr 20, 2024  |  05:55 PM IST |  84.6K
Anupamaa Written Update, Apr 20
Rupali Ganguly features as lead in Anupamaa (PC: Hotstar)

Anupamaa, April 20, 2024 episode: The episode kicks off with Anuj praying for Anupama. He asks God to fulfill Anupama’s dream as she performs in an International cooking competition. The judge asks Anupama and one other contestant to bring forward their dishes.  Anupama begins losing hope and starts imagining that she lost the competition. Upon coming back to reality, she finds judges praising her food item. They call Anupama’s dish the best one they tasted during the competition. Anupama gets happy. 

The priest informs Anuj and Shruti that the puja is over. He says that their wishes will soon get fulfilled. Anuj decides to drop the priest. He tells Shruti that he is going out for some work and might not take any calls. Shruti gets shocked. 

The judges at the Superstar Chef competition praise Anupama for preparing a dish without having any knowledge about ingredients. Anupama impresses everyone with her words. She says that food has no language and so, she just smelled, tasted and managed to cook from it. The judges congratulate Anupama and wish her luck for the next round before leaving. Anupama thanks God for her win. She shares her victory with Kinjal. Anupama decides to celebrate alone and order a cappuccino with muffin. Just then, she sees news flashing about a shootout at Aadya’s school. She gets worried for her. 


Anupama rushes to Aadya’s school. Shruti also learns about the attack. Anupama insists on going inside the school but is not allowed. Anupama tries to contact Kinjal to ask her if Pari reached home, but there is no network on her phone. She gets to know that Pari is also inside with Aadya. Shruti reaches there and asks the police to let her go inside. She spots Anupama and goes on to hug her. They both cry.  Shruti tries to call Anuj, but he doesn’t pick the call. Anuj, who is in the meeting, sees people watching something in their mobiles. Anupama asks Shruti to contact Kinjal. They get shocked on hearing about a shootout. 


Reporter creates more panic by stating that maybe all kids inside are dead. Anupama bashes him for giving false news to viewers. Shruti worries for Aadya. Anupama prays for both the kids. 

Aadya consoles Pari and asks her not to worry. She says the police will rescue them. Aadya makes Pari hold her hand. Pari says had Anupama been there, she would have saved them. The shooter holds Pari’s hand. Aadya tries to save her.

Anuj’s secretary informs him about the shootout at Aadya’s school. Anuj calls Shruti and gets to know about Pari also being stuck inside with Aadya. He rushes to save them. Anupama and Shruti see the goon bringing Aadya and Pari out. The episode ends here. 

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