Bepannaah May 2 Update: Aditya gets shocked after finding out the truth about Zoya wearing Pooja's saree
Bepannaah May 1, 2018, Written Update: Zoya slits her wrist and Aditya saves her
Bepannaah April 30, 2018, Written Update: Aditya finds Pooja's name inscribed in the ring worn by Zoya
Bepannaah April 27, 2018, Written Update: Zoya and Aditya receive divorce papers from Yash and Pooja
Bepannaah April 26, 2018, Written Update: Zoya gets kidnapped; Aditya shows her intimate photos of Yash-Pooja
Bepannaah April 24, 2018, Written Update: Yash's mom calls Zoya characterless after seeing her with Aditya
Bepannaah April 23, 2018, Written Update: Zoya and Aditya have cute and happy moments together
Bepannaah April 20, 2018, Update; Zoya plans Aditya's surprise birthday bash but he vows to never celebrate it
Bepannaah April 19, 2018 Written Update: Maahi tells Zoya that Aditya is behind Ashish's disappearance
Bepannaah April 18, 2018 Written Update: Zoya SLAPS Aditya but the latter saves her
Bepannaah April 17, 2018, written update: Zoya is determined to make Aditya believe Yash & Pooja were innocent
Bepannaah April 16, 2018, Written update: Aditya and Zoya put behind bars
Bepannaah April 13, 2018, Written update: Ashish tells Zoya about Yash and Pooja’s first meeting
Bepannaah April 11, 2018, Written update: Aditya is concerned about Zoya's health
Bepannaah April 10, 2018, Written update: Zoya is in the ICU because of Aditya's fault
Bepannaah April 9, 2018, Written update: Aditya bursts out at Zoya
Bepannaah April 6, 2018, Written update: Aditya and Zoya dance together
Bepannaah April 4, 2018, Written Update; Aditya saves Zoya from getting into trouble in the red light area
Bepannaah - April 3, 2018, Written Update: Mahi is determined to destroy Zoya; reveals her plan to Aditya
Bepannaah - April 2, 2018, Written Update: Aditya becomes the co-owner of Zoya-Yash's company; threatens her