Anupamaa Written Update, April 12: Anupama discovers shocking news about the restaurant; Aadhya gets furious

In today's (April 12) episode of Anupamaa, Aadhya loses her calm as Shruti cries because of Anupama. Meanwhile, Anupama learns about the shocking news related to the restaurant.

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Anupamaa Written Update, April 12
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Anupamaa Written Update, April 12: Shruti bends down on her knees to propose to Anuj. Anuj looks for Anupama. Aadhya takes Anuj's hand and gives it to Shruti. Anupama gets affected by it and steps backward. As Shruti is about to insert a ring into Anuj's finger, Anupama accidentally drops a dish from the food counter but doesn't get hurt. 

Anuj upsets Shruti and Aadhya:

Seeing Anupama shout, Anuj runs for her rescue. Before Anuj, Yashdeep goes for Anupama's rescue. Anupama assures him that she is okay. Aadhya recalls how Anuj left her hand when Anupama was about to fall near the fire. She gets extremely upset as Shruti starts crying but Anuj ignores her and rushes towards Anupama. Anupama assures Yashdeep that she is safe and tells him that she is leaving. 

Aadhya fumes with anger as Shruti cries after Anuj ignored her. Anuj picks up the ring and apologizes to Shruti as she cries. Shruti cries as she tells Anuj that his past often ruins her special moments. Aadhya loses her calm and blames Anupama for spoiling their special moment.

Baa says that Aadhya is like Pakhi. Baapuji assures Aadhya that Anupama has not done anything purposely. Aadhya asks Baapuji to not interfere. Anuj gets angry as Aadhya talks rudely to Baapuji and tells her that he is like his father and she shouldn't talk to him in this tone. 



Anuj explains to Aadhya that it was an accident. Shruti also tries to explain to her that it was an accident. However, Aadhya speaks badly about Anupama and calls her a 'curse'. Aadhya mentions that as soon as Anupama arrived at their house, her outfit was damaged. Shruti informs Aadhya that Anupama repaired her outfit as she doesn't know stitching. 

Aadhya gets angry and walks away. Shruti requests everyone to eat dinner. Baapuji worries about Anupama. Anupama reaches the restaurant and starts practicing for her competition. She motivates herself to prepare herself for the competition. 

Vanraj speaks badly about Anupama:

Vanraj and Toshu speak badly about Anupama and say that she ruins every function. Vanraj mentions how Anupama wanted Anuj back in her life and that is the reason she returned to his life and is getting involved in his wedding functions. Kavya tells Vanraj that he is wrong about Anupama. However, he argues with her and states that if Anuj and Shruti's wedding doesn't happen then Anupama will be the reason for it. 

Baa arrives to meet Anupama:

Later, Baa arrives to meet Anupama at the restaurant. Anupama gets emotional seeing Baa and hugs her. Baa then teaches Anupama cooking tips as Anupama cooks a dish. Anupama praises Baa. Anupama then requests Baa to teach her to make a new dish. Baa and Anupama have a good time as they cook together. Anupama teaches Baa how to eat with a fork and knife. 

Baa and Anupama have a fun chat while talking and laughing. Anupama tells Baa how she has been learning new things by living alone. Baa motivates Anupama and tells her to focus on her life and move on. Anupama requests Baa to teach her authentic Gujarati dishes so that she can make them for the people in America. 

Yashdeep arrives and sees Anupama and Baa from a distance. Yashdeep thinks about how Anupama never expresses her emotions and often finds comfort in the restaurant. He worries about how she will react when she learns that the restaurant is going to shut down. 

Aadhya burns her outfit:

Anuj worries about Anupama and thinks how hurt she would have been seeing his sangeet. Suddenly, Anuj smells something burning. He sees that Aadhya is burning the skirt that Anupama stitched for her. He rushes to Aadhya. Aadhya burns the skirt and says that she doesn't want Anupama in her life. Aadhya breaks down after burning the skirt. Anuj consoles her. Shruti sees them from a distance.


Anupama discovers the news:

Anupama locks the restaurant door and thinks about how this restaurant is her home. She gets emotional seeing the restaurant and then leaves. The next morning, Vikram and the restaurant staff panic seeing the legal notice on the restaurant as the door is shut. Anupama arrives and sees the legal notice. Vikram and everyone panics. Anupama breaks down seeing the legal notice and recalls how the restaurant saved her. The episode ends.

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