Anupamaa Written Update, April 15: Aarush misbehaves with Pakhi; Anupama and Anuj rush for her rescue

In today's (April 15) episode of Anupamaa, Anupama lands in danger zone in the cooking competition. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets in trouble as Aarush misbehaves with her.

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Anupamaa Written Update, April 15
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Anupamaa Written Update, April 15: Anupama struggles to explain her dish, Mohan Thal. Anuj steps in to help and asks the judges if he can translate into English for Anupama. The judges agree, and Anuj then translates Anupama's words into English. One judge calls Anupama's dish unappetizing. However, the three judges taste Anupama's dish and discuss it among themselves.

The judges inform Anupama that while the taste of her dish is nice, it lacks texture and presentation. One judge praises her efforts but states that her dish doesn't taste good. Anupama gets upset. The judges instruct the contestants to wait for the results.

Baapuji consoles Toshu:

Toshu arrives home, dejected. Baa, Kinjal, Kavya, and Dimpy inquire about his distress. Toshu expresses disappointment at failing to crack any interviews despite his efforts. He breaks down, lamenting his constant failure despite being educated. Baapuji comes forward to console him, explaining the importance of patience and honest hard work. 

Toshu complains of feeling tired of trying. Baapuji motivates him not to give up and keep persevering. Baa then advises Toshu to come with them to India to save on rent. Baapuji tells Baa not to force them. Baa clarifies it's merely her advice. Toshu and Kinjal consider Baa's suggestion.



Anupama lands in danger zone:

The judges ask contestants to step forward and inform them that a yellow light means they're safe, while a red light signifies the danger zone. Anuj prays for Anupama. Anupama ends up in the danger zone, along with one more contestant. The judges announce that there will be no eviction, but in the next round, one of them will be evicted if they don't perform well.

Anuj meets one of the show's chefs to discuss his business. Later, the chef asks Anuj if he's related to Anupama, and he denies any relation. Subsequently, Anuj searches for Anupama but can't find her. Anupama leaves the venue, scolding herself for her poor performance while crying. 

Toshu decides to return to India:

Pari, Ansh, and Ishaani express their desire to stay together as a family. Baa and Baapuji break down, wondering why the entire family can't stay together. Toshu informs Baapuji of his decision to move to India with Kinjal. Kinjal gets upset and walks away. Baa scolds Toshu for upsetting Kinjal without discussing it with her and tells him to talk to her.

Baa tells Baapuji that even Anupama should come with them to India. Baapuji disagrees, saying they shouldn't force Anupama to come as she'll stay until her dream is fulfilled.

Pakhi calls Anupama to save her:

Anupama cries while talking to Anuj, saying it was her fault for dropping the container. She tells him she's learning from her mistakes and will work on it. Anupama thanks Anuj for being there and supportive.

Pakhi expresses her wish to settle in the USA while talking to Aarush, hoping to make Adhik realize his mistake. Aarush tries to move closer to Pakhi, making her uncomfortable. As Pakhi attempts to leave, Aarush rudely asks her to sit beside him.

Pakhi gets furious and questions Aarush's misbehavior. Aarush threatens to lie to Vanraj about their relationship if she doesn't comply. He tells Pakhi to sit beside him if she wants to settle her business. Pakhi calls Toshu and Vanraj, but they don't answer. She then calls Anupama.

Anupama apologizes to Anuj for causing chaos at his sangeet. Anuj asks about her future plans since Spice and Chutney is shut. Anupama says she'll stay in the USA until the competition ends. Anuj offers to drop her, but she refuses.


Pakhi tries to leave, but Aarush stops her. Anupama overhears their conversation on the phone and panics, realizing Pakhi is in trouble. She asks Anuj to drop her at Pakhi's hotel. Anupama tries calling Vanraj, but he doesn't answer. Anupama and Anuj worry for Pakhi. The episode ends.

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