Anupamaa Written Update, June 11: Gulati’s arrival at the Shah house astonishes Anupama and Anuj

In today's (June 11) episode, Gulati re-enters Anupama’s life after Leela hires him in the role of caterer for the wedding event.

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Anupamaa (PC: Hotstar)

Anupamaa, June 11, 2024 episode: The episode begins with Anuj asking Anupama why she is in tears. Anupama lies. She tells Anuj that she was lost in some thought and was talking to herself. Anuj wonders when she developed this new habit. Anupama assures him that there is nothing to worry about. 

Anuj goes on to share that he is observing how Aadhya’s attitude has changed and she seems to be happy now. He wishes to see Aadhya moving on in life and forgetting about her childhood trauma. Anuj inquires Anupama about Pari and states that Aadhya was really upset when she learnt about the incident. 

Meanwhile, Vanraj commands someone to collect information about the mysterious lady. Devika also instructs someone to find out about the phone number. 

Gulati stuns Anupama and Anuj

The women of the Shah family play a game where they are supposed to guess the dishes cooked by their husbands. Kavya and Kinjal praise Titu for preparing food without throwing any tantrums. Anupama easily recognizes the dish made by Anuj. Anuj gets happy.

Gulati surprises Anupama and Anuj with his arrival at the Shah house. Leela informs that Gulati is a renowned caterer and so, she hired him. Gulati was also stunned to see Anupama. Hasmukh asks if they know each other. 


Gulati mocks Anupama. He meets Anuj and Toshu. Gulati reveals to Shahs that he owns a restaurant in the US but it is not very famous. He mentions that Anupama had rejected his job offer previously. 

Toshu tells Vanraj that Gulati’s ego was hurt when Anupama declined his offer. Gulati asks Leela why she didn’t hire Anupama for the role. She says Anupama is their guest. 

Anuj warns Leela to maintain a distance from Gulati. Vanraj accuses Anuj of showing a dislike for Gulati because he taunted Anupama. This ignites an argument between them. 

Anupama intervenes to stop Anuj and Vanraj. She asks Hasmukh to take the final call on Gulati’s involvement as a caterer. 

Toshu decides to join Gulati

Kinjal questions Toshu if he knows Gulati. He confirms that Gulati is a sharp-witted businessman. Toshu tells Kinjal about accepting a position at Gulati’s new branch. She says she is not surprised at his decision. 


Hasmukh asks Leela about the food. She praises it and feels remorseful for mistreating Anupama in the past. Leela thinks about rectifying her mistakes by giving a chance to Dimpy. Hasmukh is glad at her changed behavior.

Anupama gets emotional while recalling her past experiences. She later motivates herself. On the other hand, Aadhya disapproves of Vanraj’s rude attitude. She suggests to Anuj that they should return to America. Anuj convinces Aadhya to wait until the wedding is over. The episode ends here.

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