All you need to know about Aaron Rodger' Girlfriend, Mallory Edens!

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Image Courtesy: Getty
Image Courtesy: Getty

Aaron Rodgers has found love once again and is now in a romantic relationship with his new girlfriend, Mallory Edens. Although we are familiar with Aaron Rodgers, there is still much to discover about Mallory Edens. Let us fill you in on all the details about Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend, Mallory Edens.

Who is Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend, Mallory Edens?

Aaron Rodgers’ new girlfriend is Mallory Edens, who is the daughter of NBA team Milwaukee Bucks’ owner Wes Edens. Mallory Edens was born on April 18, 1996, in the United States and was raised by her parents, Wes Edens and Lynn Edens, in New York City. Wes Edens isn’t just the owner of Milwaukee Bucks but also a private equity fund investor. 

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In addition, Edens is a billionaire businessman who is also co-owner of Aston Villa, which is a Premier League soccer club based in Aston. In July 2018, Mallory Edens’s father acquired the majority of shares of this soccer club along with his business partner Nassef Sawiris. 

Image Courtesy: Princeton University

Mallory Edens went to Princeton University, which is an Ivy League school, where she was a Division 1 athlete in her University field team and women’s track team. Aaron Rodgers’s girlfriend comes from the class of 2018, and as per her Princeton Athletic bio, Mallory Edens used to be a mid-distance runner. 


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Mallory Edens has been in a beef-battle with a famous Canadian rapper 

Currently, Mallory Edens is making headlines for dating NFL legend Aaron Rodgers. But before Aaron Rodgers, she was also connected with another renowned celebrity that we all know about. Drake! But Mallory Edens wasn’t connected with Drake romantically but due to their controversial beef.

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While Drake has been a die-hard fan of the Toronto Raptors, Mallory Edens is a fan of Milwaukee Buck. So, they often have face-offs at the courts. Believe us, their commitment towards their favorite team is so intense that in the finals of the 2019 NBA Playoffs, their beef took a serious turn.

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Mallory Edens was spotted wearing a T-shirt with an image of Pusha T. Pusha T, and Drake have a history of rivalry, which took a serious route when Pusha released a diss track on Drake titled ‘The Story of Addison.” So, to wear the t-shirt with Drake’s rival on it was definitely a huge move. 


Interestingly, Drake and Mallory Edens had their beef finished in 2019. During an ESPN interview in November 2019, Mallory Edens revealed that the beef phase is over. “We’re not beefing, we’re good,” Mallory Edens had said to the media. So yes, there’s no heat between the two anymore. 

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Mallory Edens Age & Height

Mallory Edens was born on April 18, 1996. As of December 2023, Mallory Edens is 27 years old. Mallory Edens’s boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers, was born on December 2, 1983. As of December 2023, Aaron Rodgers is 40 years old. Talking about Mallory Edens, she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. 

What does Mallory Edens do?

Everyone is familiar with Aaron Rodgers' profession, but there seems to be some uncertainty surrounding what his girlfriend Mallory Edens does. Let's shed some light on that today. Mallory Edens is actually a model, as stated on her Instagram profile. She has been signed by several well-known modeling agencies.


The agencies that she has worked with and might currently be engaged with include Women Management, Ford Models, and One Management. Mallory Edens was also backed by another famous agency named Elite Model Management in 2019. The model often uses her Instagram as her portfolio, sharing her works with the world. 

Apart from being a model, Mallory Edens also has a background in activism and writing. Mallory Edens is an activist who uses her social media platforms to spread awareness on touchy topics such as sexism in sports, etc. In October 2019, wrote an op-ed for Time. It was titled “The Problem with Pink Sports Jersey.” 

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Who was Aaron Rodgers with before Mallory Edens?

Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens have known each other for a long time. The two have been seen attending the games of the Milwaukee Bucks since Aaron Rodgers is also a minority shareholder of the NBA team. Even though they have sat besides one another for years now, their romance kickstarted earlier in 2023. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Before Mallory Eden, Aaron Rodgers was dating Sahilele Woodely, with whom he was engaged. Aaron Rodgers and Sahilele Woodely were engaged in February 2021. A year after their engagement, the two called it quits and parted ways in mid-February 2022.  


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Who is Mallory Edens mother?

Mallory Eden is the daughter of Lynn Edens, who tied the knot with her husband and Mallory Edens’s father, Wed Edens, on April 8, 1998. Lynn Edens and Wes Edens have been happily married for 35 years now. Mallory comes from a family of 6, with four siblings.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Lynn Edens was born on December 20, 1963, in Columbus, United States. As of December 2023, she is 60 years old, with Sagittarius as a birth sign. 

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