MTV Splitsvilla X5: Why did Siwet Tomar say 'Tujh jaisi ladki se baat nahi karni' to Nayera Ahuja?

In the upcoming episodes of MTV Splitsvilla X5, ex-flames Siwet Toamr and Nayera Ahuja will yet again lock horns with each other while the next task will unleash a lot of drama in the show.

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Siwet Tomar, Nayera Ahuja
Siwet Tomar and Nayera Ahuja (PC: JioCinema)

MTV Splitsvilla X5 is getting quite fiery and exciting with each passing episode. The show unveiled one of the most important twists by bringing the Splitsvillans and their exes under one roof. What followed was complete chaos, overwhelming emotions, allegations, and of course, tears. One of the most talked about ex-couples Siwet Tomar and Nayera Ahuja who met on Roadies: Karm Ya Kand came face-to-face with each other in the show. In the forthcoming episode, the duo will be seen having a major argument in which Siwet will be seen losing his calm.

Siwet Tomar trash-talks Nayera Ahuja 

As per the new promo of MTV Splitsvilla X5, ex-flames Siwet Tomar and Nayera Ahuja will be seen engaging in a war of words. After admitting their liking for each other in Roadies and breaking up on the same show to focus on the game, Siwet denied having feelings for Ahuja. In a fiery exchange of words, Siwet told Nayera, "Tujh jaisi ladki se baat nahi karni hai." When asked what he really meant, Tomar exclaimed that he meant a girl like Nayera who can go to any extent to talk about someone's mother's death to prove a point.


Take a look at the recent promo of MTV Splitsvilla X5:

After Siwet's allegations, Akriti Negi too blamed Nayera for the controversy and mentioned that Tomar never had feelings for her. This left Nayera in tears and she had an emotional breakdown. Digvijay Rathee and other friends of her tried to console her and asked her to be strong.


The upcoming challenge in MTV Splitsvilla

The upcoming challenge in MTV Splitsvilla X5 will leave everyone shocked as Tanuj Virwani and Sunny Leone announced that the contestants will perform with their exes. With this unique twist, ex-flames who don't even wish to see eye-to-eye will have to perform a task together to survive in the game show. 

It will be exciting to see if Splitsvillans will move on from their exes or if they find a way back to their past love.

Injured contestants to return to MTV Splitsvilla X5

In the upcoming episodes, Arbaaz and Yuvraj who got injured while performing a task will be seen returning to the show. While they will be welcomed with open arms. Yuvraj will have to face his ex-flame Ruru in the villa. Amidst all the drama. Uorfi Javed will add the mischief twist during the dome session in the forthcoming episode.

The previous episode of MTV Splitsvilla

The previous episode of MTV Splitsvilla X5 was quite entertaining with a courtroom drama kind-off set-up wherein the exes were asked to talk about their allegations against each other and give a clarification to the same. Based on the responses, the jury decided which party was innocent and which was guilty. The contestants with no ex-flames formed the jury panel.

After the emotionally draining session, contestants like Rahul, Anicka, Sachin, Aniket, Nayera, and Rigden were announced guilty and as a punishment, they were thrown in the pool.

The session witnessed many emotional moments and a few revelations as well. Akriti Negi and Sachin Sharma's controversy was well discussed while Digvijay Rathee and Nayera Ahuja contributed to the same, as they worked with Akriti and Sachin in Roadies: Karm Ya Kand.

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