Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, Apr 10: Abhira is smitten by Armaan’s efforts to save her resort

In today's episode of YRKKH, Armaan comes to Abhira’s rescue and saves her ancestral house from demolition. On the other hand, Poddar House celebrates Manoj’s first win at court.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai stars in Samridhii Shukla as Abhira (PC: StarPlus Youtube)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, April 10, 2024 episode: The episode kicks off with Abhira trying to save her house. She asks the man not to destroy her resort. He says that Kriplin has ordered them to demolish it as it is not safe. Abhira stands in front of the machine and prays to God to grant her some more courage. Armaan arrives and runs to hug Abhira. 

Manisha says Manoj is a simple man and this is why he is not successful. She further adds that nobody besides Armaan gave Manoj this much respect. She says that Manoj would have reached great heights if he had been working for someone else. She shows trust in Manoj and encourages everyone to let him fight the case. Kaveri blesses Manoj and gives a nod for him to take up the case. She receives a bouquet with a note of apology from Armaan but doesn’t accept it and throws it away. 

Armaan scolds Abhira for putting her life in danger by standing in front of a bulldozer. Abhira gets emotional. Armaan consoles her and goes on to meet the officer. He decides to mend Abhira’s home. Abhira is impressed by Armaan’s actions. She thinks about confessing her love to Armaan. 


Armaan gets a video call from Vidya. She asks about Abhira. Armaan tells her that Abhira is fine but the house is in bad condition. Vidya asks Armaan to take care of Abhira. Manoj and Sanjay come home with good news. Manoj shares that he won the case and credits Armaan for showing confidence in him. Manisha praises Armaan and taunts Sanjay. Ruhi comes with the sweets and asks Armaan when he is returning. Armaan informs her that he will be staying with Abhira at Mussoorie for some more days. Ruhi gets upset. Manisha notices the same and tries to make her jealous by saying that Armaan and Abhira might get close during this time. Vidya says Armaan has gone to solve Abhira’s problems and not for a honeymoon. However, Manisha keeps manifesting a romance between Armaan and Abhira.


Abhira asks Armaan to sign a paper so that she can return the money he is paying to repair her resort. Armaan refuses to do so. He reminds Abhira about Akshara’s favor on him. Abhira says he doesn’t have to stay guilty about it. They begin to argue and accidentally share some romantic moments with each other. Ruhi worries about losing Armaan. 

Abhira tries to cut the wood. Armaan questions her. She tells him that she doesn’t have money to pay the contractor. He goes on to help her. 

Kaveri blesses and praises Manoj. He asks her to forgive Armaan. Kaveri says she will think about it. Manisha requests Kaveri to share some of her memories from Mussoorie. On much insistence, she goes on to reveal that Mussoorie has love in the air, making Ruhi further fear about growing closeness between Armaan and Abhira. Abhira blushes on seeing Armaan cutting the log for her. The episode ends here. 
The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was watched on Hotstar.

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