Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, Apr 15: Armaan takes tough decision after Abhira-Ruhi’s abduction

In today's episode of YRKKH, goons give a choice to Armaan to save either Abhira or Ruhi. On the other hand, Poddars and Goenkas worry and pray for them.

Published on Apr 15, 2024  |  08:15 PM IST |  83.7K
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai stars Samridhii Shukla as Abhira (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, April 15, 2024 episode: The episode begins with Abhira leaving, and Armaan trying to stop her. While making an effort towards Abhira, Armaan falls down. Abhira worries about him. He receives a shocking call from Ruhi. She asks Armaan to save her as she has been kidnapped. Armaan decides to rescue her.

Vidya asks Kaveri if something is bothering her. Kaveri refuses to reveal anything. Vidya insists that she share the problem with her. However, Kaveri doesn't disclose her issue to Vidya. Vidya leaves. Kaveri says she needs to protect her family at any cost.

Armaan receives a call from Abhira's number. The man on the other side informs Armaan that Abhira and Ruhi are in danger. He leaves the decision to Armaan to save one of them. Ruhi is shown crying and shouting for help, while Abhira is tied to a chair with bombs fixed on her.

Kaveri calls Armaan. Upon inquiring about their well-being, she learns about Abhira and Ruhi's abduction. The Poddars are shocked by the news. Kaveri encourages Armaan not to falter at this moment. Armaan gets a call from the goons, who give him 21 minutes to rescue either Abhira or Ruhi. Abhira asks Armaan to help release Ruhi, leaving him in a difficult situation.



Abhira starts arguing with the goons. They ask her if she's not scared. She says she's fearless. Armaan prays for Abhira. Ruhi tries to run away, but the goons catch her.

Manish, Swarna, and Surekha learn about Abhira and Ruhi's kidnapping. Swarna says Armaan will save Ruhi. However, Surekha differs and states that he will rescue Abhira.

Abhira tries to cut the rope. The goons trouble Ruhi and begin the countdown. She begs them to leave her. As the time almost finishes, the goons throw Ruhi off the cliff. Armaan reaches on time and prevents her from falling. He fights with the goons and runs to save Abhira. Ruhi also supports him.

Kaveri prays for Armaan, Abhira, and Ruhi. She feels bad for hurting Abhira. Abhira successfully unties herself. Armaan thinks something bad has happened to Abhira. He worries for Abhira and starts crying. The episode ends here.

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