Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, May 17: Heartbroken Abhira fails to write her exam paper

In today's episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Abhira breaks down after hearing Vidya's conversation with Kaveri about Ruhi and Armaan's marriage.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's recent episode (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1292: Today’s episode starts with Ruhi running and thanking Vidya. She hugs and kisses her. Vidya says a daughter doesn’t thank her mother. She admits that she was shocked to hear Ruhi confess her feelings for Armaan, but after giving it much thought, she realized that Ruhi is the perfect partner for Armaan.

Ruhi asks Vidya why she didn’t tell Dadi Sa about Ruhi’s true feelings. Vidya says she won’t understand; only a mother can understand why Armaan sacrificed his love for his younger brother. She also adds that she doesn’t want Ruhi to be a villain in front of everyone. Ruhi thanks her. Abhira recalls Ruhi’s words when she called her temporary. She cries and breaks down while walking. Ruhi rejoices and dances.

Ruhi calls Armaan. Armaan drives, and a guy asks him for a lift to college. Armaan says his wife also studied in the same college. The guy asks if he is Armaan Poddar, Abhira’s husband. Ruhi says she is going crazy with happiness. She goes to Armaan’s office and decides to give him the good news in person.

Abhira fails to focus on the exam

Ruhi finds Armaan’s cabin empty. She thinks Armaan is in court and decides to wait till evening to tell him personally. She sees the lucky charm given by Abhirra on the table and picks it up to throw in the dustbin. She pauses and thinks she has no fear now; no one can break this relation.


Abhira comes to the college. She is lost. Her friend notices her outside the door and asks her to come in. Abhira recalls Vidya’s words. She sits silent. She tells herself that she has to focus on the exam and forget everything. She loses focus again. She writes the wrong name and asks for an extra sheet. The students laugh at her.

She tries hard to focus on the paper. She imagines Armaan and Ruhi mocking her and her feelings. She shuts her ears and tries to talk herself out of this. She looks around and finds herself in the classroom.

Armaan comes to the college, and outside the classroom, he hears that Abhira left the exam midway. 

Poddar family members’ reaction to Ruhi and Armaan’s marriage

Madhav reacts as Vidya tells him about Ruhi and Armaann’s marriage. Sanjay says he is against the idea, too, and they should get Ruhi married in some other house and send her away since he doesn’t want to keep any connection with Manish. 


Kajal asks Sanjay not to be selfish and says Armaan and Ruhi are compatible. Manisha says no. Vidya argues with her. Manoj says he agrees with Manisha. Everyone shares their point of view. Dadi shouts enough and says she will think about it and come to a conclusion.

Abhira rushes to the art room and cries. She wonders why her feelings for Armaan have become bigger than everything today. She tells herself that he hates her and his family hates her, too. She breaks down and spreads colors across the canvas. 

Armaan enters the room and asks her why she isn’t in the exam hall, he fought with his family for her to appear for the exams. He says if Abhira has prepared herself with studies, then Armaan has prepared by fighting for Abhira’s rights.

Abhira says she has freed him from her responsibility. Armaan says Abhira is no one to do that. She says enough; he should go and take Ruhi’s responsibility since he is going to marry her. Armaan is shocked.


She argues with him, saying it’s equally heavy for the person to be someone’s burden. She leaves. He recalls her words. The examiner says Abhira might have gone out and checked the answers, so he can’t allow her to sit for the exam again. Armaan comes to defend her. Abhira says he doesn’t need to be her lawyer. The instructor allows her to sit and says he will check the CCTV footage later. Abhira sees Armaan and tears the answer sheet. The episode ends here.

The episode was watched on Hotstar. 

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