Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, May 26: Abhira enters Poddar house to plan Armaan-Ruhi’s wedding

In today's episode (May 26) of YRKKH, Abhira gets an offer to work as a wedding planner. To fulfill her monetary needs, she takes up the job. Later, Abhira learns that Poddars are her first clients.

Published on May 26, 2024  |  12:37 PM IST |  133.1K
YRKKH Written Update
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai features Samridhii Shukla as Abhira (PC: Hotstar)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, May 26, 2024, episode: The episode begins with Sanjay telling a man to reject Abhira in the job interview. When he asks Sanjay’s intention of not getting Abhira hired for the role, he bribes the man. Sanjay says that if he wants his uncle to become a lawyer, he must follow his orders. Abhira and Sanjay spot each other. He thinks that Abhira made his children go on the wrong path and advises her to focus on her life only. Sanjay leaves from there. Abhira prays to God for help. 

Abhira’s new job role

While Abhira is feeling frustrated with her fate, she meets a wedding planner, who asks her to pick the flowers and follow her. Abhira sees how the wedding planner is struggling with the tasks. She offers assistance to them and assures them of fixing everything. 

The team gets impressed with Abhira’s work. As Abhira shares that she failed to get work at a law firm, the lady gives her an opportunity to join them as a wedding planner. At first, Abhira hesitates and tells the employer that she is a lawyer. 

The lady then offers Rs 50,000 salary to Abhira. She gets reminded of her financial needs and goes on to accept the job to save her resort. She is instructed to start the work right away. Her boss decides to do her makeover. Abhira changes her clothes and gets ready to begin her new work. 


Abhira is shocked to learn about her first assignment

Kaveri, Vidya, and Manisha are waiting for the wedding planner at a restaurant when Kaveri’s health deteriorates. Vidya suggests taking Kaveri back home and asks Manisha to meet the wedding planner on their behalf. Abhira reaches the café to meet them. 

Abhira, who is in a hurry to meet her first clients, comes in front of Kaveri’s car, who lectures the person without knowing that she is Abhira. Manisha and Abhira bump into each other. Abhira says sorry to Manisha. 

Manisha asks for Abhira’s address and says that she will come to meet her. Abhira tells Manisha to not get involved in the mess. Later, Abhira is stunned to learn that Manisha is her client and she is the wedding planner for Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage. She decides to quit the job. 

Armaan stands for Ruhi

Manisha calls a relative and asks for help. The two decide to meet at some cafe. In the Poddar house, Ruhi is busy pleasing the family members. Charu, Aryan, and Krish miss Abhira. 


Ruhi gets disheartened about getting compared with Abhira. Armaan sees this and intervenes. He stops Ruhi from leaving and suggests his cousins stop taking Abhira’s name as she will never make a comeback in their lives now. 

Abhira enters Poddar family

Abhira shakes a leg on a wedding song while entering the Poddar house. Everyone gets surprised at seeing her. As the flashbacks start, Abhira recalls how she tried to reject the offer of planning Armaan and Ruhi’s wedding but the lady insisted she take up Poddars’ event. 

She also recollects how Manisha asked her to not hurt herself by getting involved in Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage. Kaveri asks Abhira why she came to their house. Manisha informs her that Abhira is the wedding planner. Abhira says that she has come solely for her work. She takes the responsibility of all the wedding functions and takes a leave. 


Sanjay prompts Kaveri to attack Abhira’s pride. She begins to demean Abhira. Madhav warns Sanjay and Kaveri against belittling Abhira. Abhira overhears Kaveri’s plans. She decides to remain focused on her work. 

Vidya says that Armaan and Abhira’s relationship will never rekindle. Ruhi gets worried. Kaveri asks her to keep calm as Abhira cannot do anything. She starts giving orders to Abhira in order to trouble her. Abhira follows her commands keeping a smile on her face intact. The episode ends here.

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