EXCLUSIVE: URI actor Vicky Kaushal on 2018 being a revolutionary year, his biggest takeaway and Takht

In an exclusive interview with PINKVILLA, Vicky Kaushal spoke about the success of Uri, if it makes him feel validated as an actor, his biggest takeaway from the movie, on 2018 being a revolutionary year for him and more.
EXCLUSIVE: URI actor Vicky Kaushal on 2018 being a revolutionary year, his biggest takeaway and TakhtEXCLUSIVE: URI actor Vicky Kaushal on 2018 being a revolutionary year, his biggest takeaway and Takht
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Vicky Kaushal had a great 2018 and an equally great start to 2019 with URI: The Surgical Strike. The actor, who rose to fame with Masaan, managed to break the mould and carve a niche for himself in 2017-2018 and has taken it several notches higher with URI: The Surgical Strike, a movie which has surpassed all the expectations at the box office and is inching closer to Rs 200 crore club. These are reasons enough for Vicky to celebrate as fans, especially the females, are going gaga over his hot looks and 'josh' filled personality. As the movie continues to make moolah at the box office, we spoke to Vicky recently about the success, if it makes him feel validated as an actor, his biggest takeaway from the movie, on 2018 being a revolutionary year for him and cinema alike and of course, about Takht. 

Over to Vicky Kaushal:

Having delivered a solo 100 crore film must be thrilling. What was in your mind when you first signed URI?

Yes, it is a very thrilling experience, very humbling, also very surreal feeling to see it all happen around you. The first thing which came to my mind was only the story when I read the script. It hit me hard, hit the right places in my heart and I knew I wanted to be a part of this movie. I wanted this opportunity of donning the Indian Army uniform, and after reading the story, I knew that the story needs to be told and every Indian should know this because of the valour and sacrifices made by the Indian Armed Forces. 

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Does bagging a 100 crore film matter to you over the content?

I think we are living in the time where good content only gets you good money. The content if it doesn't work with the audiences eventually, the movie doesn't earn that much money. It is only the content which works with the audiences. So, I think it is a beautiful phase where content and box office money are going hand in hand, and I am very lucky to be a part of such a phase of Hindi cinema. But content has to be the priority. If content is right and the movie is executed well, I think people are willing to pay money for that. 

While everyone has been busy asking "How's the josh", what has been your biggest takeaway from the movie?

There were many takeaways for me from the movie. First, on the surface level, I got to know the difference between infantry and the paramilitary commandos, their probation period, their missions. I also gained an insight into the technicalities behind these missions. I met scores of personnel, infantry and special forces, and got to know a little more about their lives and families. Spirit of the Indian Army is what I took back home and it will stay with me forever and ever. Some of the stories were so unbelievable and fascinating. I would say that URI: The Surgical Strike is perhaps just a drop in the ocean.

Do you think 2018 has been a revolutionary year for you and as well as the industry. What are the changes you have noticed and would like to see?

I think, for me personally, yes it has been. To have five releases in a year across different mediums, be it digital or theatrical. It is a special year in itself and then to get appreciation for each and every role you play with the films doing well is like 'sone pe suhaga'. That matters a lot and gives me also a lot of confidence to keep pushing my boundaries as an actor. It is always good to be at the receiving end of so much love from the audiences because that validation is so so special for you as an artist. It gives you so much encouragement and so much motivation to just give your best, Every artist is looking for a year like that and I feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to work with the kind of directors I got to work with and back to back. It was an immensely enriching and learning experience for me to hop on to such incredible projects. I think it is also an interesting phase the industry is also going through. Like I said content equals to box office numbers, so that is great and that is empowering the writers, producers, actors and everyone to experiment and bring in new content, new concept and new faces. I think our audiences have evolved in such a good way that they are giving us the power to give them something new. Hats off to them. 

How excited are you about working with Ranveer, Alia, Janhvi and others for Takht?

I am extremely excited for the journey of Takht to start later this year. It is a role that will demand everything from me physically and mentally, and I had always been wanting to be a part of a period film and what better team to do it with. Directed by Karan Johar, produced by Dharma and the co-actors that are involved are so spectacular, all of them have inspired me at some point of time and I am really excited for the journey to start.



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