5 Best NFL Hall Of Fame Speeches Ft Peyton Manning and More

Here are the top-most inspiring and motivational speeches from 5 Best NFL Hall of Famers as Tom Brady gets ready to add another honor to his legendary career.

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5 Best NFL Hall Of Fame Speeches Ft Peyton Manning and More
5 Best NFL Hall Of Fame Speeches Ft Peyton Manning and More (PC: Getty)

Tom Brady is all set for another unforgettable night as he adds one more achievement to the list of his many accolades. 

The seven-time Super Bowl champion will be receiving a grand tribute as he finally makes it to the list of New England Patriots' Hall of Fame.

Five best inspiring NFL Hall Of Fame speeches 

As the five-time Super Bowl MVP, who spent 20 years of his 23-year-long career with the Patriots will become the 35th player to receive this honor, the 46-year-old will be giving some inspiring speech as the fans await for some motivation tonight. 

Let us have a look at the five best NFL Hall of Fame speeches that still live in the hearts of the fans for the ever-encouraging words. 

Shannon Sharpe 

In one of the most iconic and memorable speeches of sports and a Hall of Fame speech that will go in history books Shannon Sharpe, who was inducted in 2011, shared an emotional message regarding his brother who was not nominated in the Hall of Fame, something that bothered Shannon.

In his speech, the former undisputed man said, “My big brother, Sterling, I'm the only player of 267 men that's walked through this building to my left that can honestly say this: I'm the only pro football player that's in the Hall of Fame, and I'm the second-best player in my own family.”


He also said, “If fate had dealt your different hand I've no question in my mind that we would've been the first brothers to be elected to Hall of Fame.”

Michael Irvin 

The former ESPN First Take and undisputed analyst, Michael Irvin gave one of the most animated and inspiring speeches in sports history that continues to inspire people to date. 

And unlike many players, he delivered the speech impromptu and without any notes on what he wanted to say. In his famous 2007 speech, Irvin said, “Public speaking had always been his "most vulnerable fear.”

In the most memorable part of his speech the Dallas Cowboys legend said, “The movie, remember the Titans, is my favorite movie, starring Denzel Washington. I love the way in this movie the game of football brings those boys together, it unites those boys on that football field.”

He further continued, “It unites a whole town, black, white, old, young, rich and poor. It happens every year around this time in NFL locker rooms and NFL stadiums. So don’t tell me it’s just a game.”


Irvin recalled his “favorite day” which was “Monday, September the 25th, 2006, New Orleans, Louisiana, site of the Superdome” when he “watched our people who had suffered so grievously through Hurricane Katrina fill a stadium hours before a game and stay hours after the game.” 

The former wide receiver said that he “witnessed those fans as they looked for each other, hugged one another, and just be thankful to be in that stadium.”

The former Dallas Cowboys icon stated, “You see, the game flexed its greatest muscle that day: the ability to heal. I experienced a football game that contributed to the healing of a city. So don’t tell me it’s just a game.” 

This speech is still a guide for millions of young athletes who are facing downward spirals in their careers and are looking for a light of positivity to help them get out of the spiral. 


Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning had one of the best moments of cheers when he paid tribute to football saying it has become his “home” and “the people of the great states of Louisiana, Tennessee, Indiana and Colorado” his “extended family.” 

He then said, “And as everyone knows, you can never really leave family behind.” While the former quarterback inspired the audience through his powerful words, he stated, “Let this moment become a cherished memory, and then remember: A legacy is only worthwhile when there is a future to fuel.” 

The former Super Bowl MVP who was inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame in 2021, ended the speech by blessing the audience, fans, and “football.” 

Deion Sanders 

Another speech inspired by a mom! Deion Sanders was inspired by his mother as he gave her a touching tribute during his speech. 

After thanking everyone from his coaches to everyone who taught him so much and how to be a man, the now 56-year-old nicknamed Prime Time was motivated to make enough money so that his mother wouldn't have to work. 

“And I said, 'Mama' -- because I was tired of seeing her go to work and come home all tired -- I said, 'I'm going to be rich one day,” the former Dallas Cowboys player said. 


The two-time Super Bowl champion who was inducted in 2011 continued, “Mama, I'm going to make a lot of money, and you will never have to work another day of your life.” 

Joe Montana

One of the greatest quarterbacks, Joe Montana who was famously dubbed as “Joe Cool” and “the comeback kid” had one of the coolest speeches. 

While the four-time Super Bowl champion was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000, he said, “I never really let myself dream about the Hall of Fame.” 

The three-time Super Bowl MVP continued, “It was out of my immediate control. Even as a kid throwing touchdowns in the backyard, playing at Notre Dame or in the NFL or throwing the winning Super Bowl pass to my friend sliding across the grass, those were all tangible things I could work for. 

The now 68-year-old, who was inducted in 2000 further said, “The Hall of Fame wasn’t on my mind. Even though it was something you had to earn the right to, it still came down to someone’s judgement.”

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