Patrick Mahomes Reveals If He Will Do Tom Brady Like Roast While Dropping Subtle Hints About Travis Kelce

Patrick Mahomes rejects idea of subjecting himself to Brady-style roast, but hints teammate Travis Kelce could make for an entertaining subject instead due to his growing off-field fame.

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Patrick Mahomes rejects idea of subjecting himself to Brady-style roast, hints Travis Kelce could make for an entertaining subject instead
Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes (Image Credits: Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes has no interest in being the next subject of a televised roast comedy special, but he certainly isn't shutting the door on his Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce taking that heat instead. 

The NFL superstar quarterback was highly complementary yet brutally honest about Netflix's recent roast of Tom Brady on The Pat McAfee Show.

No Thanks on Roast for Patrick Mahomes

When asked directly if he would ever agree to being the focus of an aired roast comedy show where comedians and personalities would mercilessly mock his life and career, Mahomes didn't mince words.

"I will definitely be staying away from the roast," Mahomes stated bluntly on The Pat McAfee Show. "They actually asked me to go to it, and I was like, man, I just can't even believe that this is happening."

The 27-year-old acknowledged there were certainly some memorable comedic moments at Brady's roast that he enjoyed. "There were some funny moments in there. I will give that the comedians did a good job," Mahomes said.

However, he remains strongly opposed to ever putting himself in that type of situation to be the punching bag.

"But a roast? I mean, there's no rules," Mahomes explained. "You just have to go out there and just sit there and listen to everybody talk trash about you. So I will stay away from that throughout my lifetime and kind of just stay on the straight and narrow."



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Will Travis Kelce ever be a Roast Candidate?

While outright rejecting the idea of a roast for himself, Mahomes didn't hesitate to playfully throw his Chiefs teammate directly under the bus. 

Mahomes during the banter goes on to say with a sly grin "They might be able to get Travis, though. They might be able to get him."

It's easy to see why Kelce would make an entertaining subject for a roast comedy special. As one of the elite tight ends in the NFL, Kelce's fame has skyrocketed in recent years beyond just his on-field exploits.

He has gained a massive following through his wildly popular "New Heights" podcast alongside his brother, former NFL center Jason Kelce. His high-profile relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift has also raised his cultural zeitgeist.

Mahomes even suggested that if Kelce did proceed with a roast, he might have to skip attending to avoid being unintentionally caught in the comedian's punch lines, noting how Brady's former teammate Rob Gronkowski was "getting almost as bad as Tom was on the roast."


Patrick Mahomes Weighing the Roast Positives and Negatives

While he made it crystal clear he wants no part of being roasted himself, Mahomes did offer a balanced perspective on the pros and cons of Brady's roast with Netflix.

"They did a good job of kind of keeping it just raunchy enough to be funny, but not too far," Mahomes said in reviewing the comedic special's material.

However, he also understood Brady's regret about how the show's depths of raunchiness affected loved ones, specifically the NFL legend's children.

"I get why he didn't like it, with the kids and stuff like that," Mahomes said. "You can't really control what people are going to say exactly."

While a constant target of criticism and hot takes in today's digital media age, Mahomes seems intent on shielding his personal life from being unfairly mocked for entertainment, regardless of intent. For now, the roast stage appears off-limits for the Chiefs signal caller. 


"I'm going to stick to the old-fashioned way of just playing games," Mahomes stated. "I'll let other people do the entertainment stuff."

WWE’s COO Triple H Extends An Invite towards Patrick Mahomes

While Patrick Mahomes is adamant about avoiding the verbal flaming of a roast comedy special, he expressed regret over not actually stepping into the physical fire during a recent appearance in a WWE ring.

During the interview, Mahomes expressed regret at not getting physical during a recent appearance on WWE Raw.

"The WWE thing was awesome. I wish I should have got in the ring, man. I've gotta show off my skills a little bit," Mahomes said.

The two-time NFL MVP appeared on the April 29 episode of WWE Raw, where YouTuber Logan Paul tried to punch wrestler Jey Uso with one of Mahomes' Super Bowl rings, but accidentally struck a different performer instead.

In response to Mahomes' expressed interest in participating more physically, WWE's Chief Content Officer Triple H replied by extending an "open invitation" for the superstar quarterback to actually get in one of their rings.


So while Mahomes has no desire to be verbally body-slammed as the subject of an unfiltered roast comedy routine, he seems open to taking - or dishing out - some actual body slams under the bright lights of professional wrestling.


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