Ariana Madix claims Tom Sandoval threw 'beer can' at her, opens up about 'manipulative' and 'narcissistic' ex

Ariana Madix has opened up about how she confronted her former boyfriend Tom Sandoval after finding about his affair and how he reacted to it.

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Ariana Madix Tom Sandoval Cheating Scandal Vanderpump Rules
Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval were in a relationship for nine years before the break up (Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval broke up in March when she found out about his affair
  • The Vanderpump Rules stars had been dating for nine years prior to the break up

The cheating scandal drama involving Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, and Raquel Leviss has been catching eyeballs ever since it came to light in March this year. Madix broke up with Sandoval when she found out he was having an affair with their friend and co-star Leviss for months behind her back. Now, she has revealed details about the confrontation and what she thinks about her "narcissistic" former boyfriend, continue reading to know more.

Ariana Madix claims Tom Sandoval 'threw a beer can' at her, calls him 'manipulative' and 'narcissistic'

The 37-year-old actress has opened up about finding out that her boyfriend of nine years was cheating on her with her friend and how the confrontation took place. During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Vanderpump Rules star said, "He was very good at concealing his double life and hiding all of the evidence" and then proceeded to reveal how he reacted when she confronted him about the affair.

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"From the moment I found out, he was screaming at me. We were in the backyard and he threw a beer can... he was more concerned about people hearing at TomTom than how I felt at all. I think there's some part of him that's really loving the attention that this has brought him and as long as people continue to give him that attention, he will be happy about it," the actress explained the incident and called the affair between the two "laughable."


"It's so layered. It's the manipulation, it's the narcissism, it's the double life. There's so many layers to it," she added. Madix told The New York Times that Sandoval was someone who was constantly preached about integrity and accountability and him being the one having no integrity "shocked people." She added that the people involved in their relationship were "so duplicitous and deceitful." When she was asked if she would ever forgive Sandoval and Leviss, Madix responded with a no and went on to explain the reason why.

"I think any chance that either of them separately had for that ended when they started giving trash interviews victimizing themselves, her TMZ [interview] and his Howie [interview]. I think had they not done or said all of those horrible things, maybe one day, but I think the answer ultimately is no," she elaborated. The actress, who is now dating Daniel Wai, added that she has no interest in filming with them. "Our show is very real and follows a real group of friends, and neither of them are in the group of friends, so, good luck."


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How old is Ariana Madix?
Madix is 37 years old.

How old is Tom Sandoval?
Sandoval is 39 years old.

How old is Raquel Leviss?
Leviss is 28 years old.

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