Top 10 Scandoval Moments In Vanderpump Rules Season 11 So Far: Tom Sandoval On OJ Simpson And More

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 has been full of drama. Tom Sandoval has not stopped making controversial statements including the ones on George Floyd. What are the top 10 Scandoval moments? Find out.

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*Warning: The article contains mention of self harm. Reader discretion advised. If you find anyone in need of help, contact the best hotlines available*

To many Tom Sandoval is an American model, actor, musician, businessman and television personality. But his role at Vanderpump Rules gets fans crazy every season. This Bravo special explores the life of Lisa Vanderpump and all the ladies who come to meet her in the lavish house. As women chatter, controversies begin. Tom Sandoval passed many statements over the year that fans named the entire matter as ‘Scandoval’ a bridge of ‘Scandal’ and ‘Sandoval’

As Vanderpump Rules brings in Ariana Madix and Rachel Leviss, 40-year-old Sandoval has begun making statements again, especially about his mental health. What were the 10 most Scandoval moments from Vanderpumps season 11? Find out.

Tom Sandoval asks Ariana Madix to move on

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The co-owner of Tom-Tom restaurant was irked by the VR cheating scandal. He left his long time partner Ariana Madix baffled. He had an affair for over six months with co-star Rachel Leviss. However, Tom has not asked Ariana to move on from the relationship, but to move on from this mistake and leave the past behind. In the Viall Files podcast, Sandoval reveals how he wants Ariana to “move on” and “leave me behind” as they share a nine year old relationship prior to this affair. The statement Tom made on the podcast went like, “I think her biggest thing is, like, stop, like, focusing on — don't focus any energy on me. Leave me behind.” This irked everyone further about Sandoval’s no remorse attitude. 


Tom Sandoval regrets affair with Ariana Madix

Tom Sandoval has expressed his anger on Ariana multiple times believing that she should let go of the cheating affair in a blink. To the entire scandal a tired Ariana responded, "My emotions were clearly all over the place, and he was angry at me. Angry. At me!" The couple had been together for nine years and such statements clearly hurt her further. On one hand Tom wants to put it all behind, but at other times he is still in love with Rachel or regrets having dated Ariana at all. 

Tom Sandoval on ‘protecting someone’s heart’

On the same podcast, Tom believes that forgetting the spite and leaving the past behind is a way to protect three hearts, his own, Rachel’s and even Ariana’s. But the audience has started breaking into a backlash over his cheating and justifying it. 

Rachel Leviss naming her relationship with Sandoval as ‘Not love’

Rachel Leviss came into news after having her name stringed to Tom Sandoval. However she revealed that she was manipulated by Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy into doing this. She considered Sandoval’s recent revelation of being “in love” with her a way of “love bombing” and also went on to add this on her relationship with Tom, “It’s interesting that you say that its origin (of love bombing) came from cults and religious institutions because people joining churches or cults are trying to find a place of belonging, of acceptance. Gradually, over time, it becomes a control tactic.” She also added how this feeling is like a ‘frog in boiling water’ that cannot jump out but knows the water will kill it. 

Tom Sandoval’s suicidal thoughts

In an interview with TV Star, the actor said,  "I battle with f–king suicide. I was hanging on by a thread. Your walls start closing in. You can't see outside of, like, the hurt, the pain." He feels all the co-stars are dragging him into the “dirt” and accusing him. He also added, "You can't dream about better days. I was getting to the point where I felt like, what's the f–king point?" A worried Vanderpump assured Tom that everything will be alright and his support is always there. To this, the Tom-Tom owner replied, “'I'm not that person. I wouldn't do that. So to hear him say he's had those thoughts and he didn't call me, that scares the f–king living daylights out of me. After losing my only sibling to suicide, I can't hear that and do nothing about it."


Tom Sandoval reveals the Scandoval affected him deeply

Tom Sandoval is confused after the entire ordeal! With Ariana shunning him out and Rachel not accepting him either, the actor’s mental health has deteriorated post the Scandoval. He feels this entire episode has impacted him deeply and it would be a long time till the Vanderpump star would recover. 

Ariana Madix deeming Sandoval’s mental health as ‘annoying’

Ariana Madix had shut her friend off when she mentioned about Sandoval’s suicidal thoughts. The Vanderpump Rules star called the matter “annoying.” In a conversation the 38-year-old actress said, "Here's where I'm now personally struggling. We went over to Lisa's today, me and Lala. All three of us were in tears. She was very emotional because she says she'd seen a lot of similarities with her brother before he passed away, and she's very concerned, so she asked us to just ease up." She also went on to add, "Tom and her brother are very different people; I'm sorry. He still will not take responsibility for what he did. So, ease up?! I'm not going to be like, 'Hey everybody, it's me, Ariana, on my Instagram Story; if you guys could just like, be nice to my ex-boyfriend who did all these things...' that's not happening." She understands the stress Tom is undergoing, but at this point she is not caring anymore. 

Tom Sandoval compared Scandoval to OJ Simpson

In an interview to New York Times Magazine, Tom compared himself to OJ Simpson. He said, “I’m not a pop culture historian really, but I witnessed the O.J. Simpson thing and George Floyd and all these big things, which is really weird to compare this to that, I think, but do you think in a weird way it’s a little bit of the same?” OJ Simpson was convicted on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. He was a famous NFL player. But how does that fit here? It made fans curious. To justify this, Aleksander added, “He was trying to express the oddity of becoming the symbolic center of a nationwide discussion and a major news story; what he communicated instead was something more honest, which is just how much the experience had made him lose perspective.” 


Did Tom Sandoval refer to George Floyd?

Yes. In the interview to New York Times Magazine, the Tom-Tom owner used a statement where he referred to George Floyd as pop-culture and big things. George Floyd is the same African-American individual who was murdered in 2020 by a white police officer in Minneapolis. But referring to himself at such levels has upsetted audiences to a greater level.

Tom Sandoval romanticizes Rachel Leviss affair as Romeo-Juliet suicide pact?

After Tom Sandoval revealed his thoughts of feeling suicidal, and being in love with Rachel Lewiss, the latter felt bad. She had been going to the therapist to post this scandal as it impacted her deeply. In the process she shared, "The way he said it made it seem like we had some kind of romanticized suicide pact, like a Romeo and Juliet story. Ugh! That really made me angry." She also mentioned how Sandoval mentioned “guns” if she tried breaking up with him. 

The Scandoval seems to see no end. While we see what more Tom Sandoval comes up with, stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates.

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