EXCLUSIVE: Salman gives you room to perform: Katrina Kaif opens up on Bharat's success, her co star & Tiger 3

While Bharat is racing towards the 200 crore mark, several reviews have called Katrina Kaif the best part about this period family drama. We spoke to Katrina who opened up on how she's feeling after the movie now.
Katrina Kaif opens up on Bharat's success, her co star & Tiger 3Katrina Kaif opens up on Bharat success, Salman Khan
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For the longest time, Katrina Kaif received flak for her roles in several films. Her career has seen its share of crests and troughs, but one thing has remained the same. Despite the few misses at the box office, Katrina remained a top draw among producers and directors. In fact, her last three projects were with the three Khans - Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman respectively. But something definitely changed with Zero. Her performance was top notch and she got acknowledged by the critics as well as the audience. Even in her last film Bharat, she managed to leave an impeccable mark in the viewer's minds. Honestly, many felt that she was the best part about Bharat. With the film now crossing the 150 crore mark and inching closer to the 200 crore mark, we spoke to Katrina on the reactions she's receiving to the film, working with Salman and her next outing with the superstar. Read on...

Bharat has not only done fantastic numbers but also brought rave reviews for you. What was the best compliment you got for playing Kumud and who was the one who gave you the compliment?

A film is a collaborative effort and there's so much that goes into a character and it's not just the person who's essaying the role. But the one who's written it, the team behind it and the director who extracts that out of an actor are equally important. All the feedback I received for Bharat are wonderful. All of us are extremely happy because this was an extremely ambitious project. In fact, it was a very different kind of a film to make - one with a lot of soul and drama and also an interesting storyline. It's not your usual film that one normally sees even Salman do for that matter. We are excited about the love it's got from the audience. The best compliment would be difficult to pinpoint but every review that has come has been so incredible and I'm just really thrilled with the reviews that I've received for Bharat. 

Would you call it your best work till date? 

For all of us as actors, when people appreciate your work, it gives you that sense of validation and encouragement that you're on the right track. You feel your work is connecting with the audience and that's the most you can ask for. That's exactly what an actor desires. 

A lot of people have also commented about how we have never seen an actress hold ground the way you did opposite Salman Khan in an Eid film. What do you have to say to that? 

The entire team including Salman, Ali and I have got a good tuning together and we work really well together. Salman, as an actor, is so secure himself that he gives you all the room and space to perform however you want to. That in turn also enhaces your performance. He allows you to stand out in a scene. That's extremely nice of him to do as an actor. 



आप सबको चाँद मुबारक 

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Your older look was designed considering how your mother looks. Comment

The older look in the film was one that I was the happiest about. I loved the way it came about. I was thrilled with the work that the team did, and we looked at a lot of pictures of my mother to see how we could bring out the interesting details of her ageing through the years and incorporate that in the character. 

The trio - you, Salman sir and Ali - plan to reunite again on screen for Tiger 3. Do you think Ali brings out the best in you?

Whenever we come together, we try and deliver our best for the film. We know the expectations of the audience and we want to deliver a quality product for them. We are all extremely passionate about our work. So, whenever we come together again, of course, we will keep making bigger, better films. 


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Every single critic bashed the film but they praised Katrina and Salman for acting. Katrina contributed her part to films like Tiger and Bharat. A Salman film with bad story can do 150 cr at max. Audience clearly loved his films like tiger and Bharat. And in those films Katrina too is one of the most loved part.

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