5 Almond Benefits for Hair and Skin You Probably Didn’t Know About!

Almonds are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, protein, and more. And here’s how almonds help in enhancing your hair and skin

Published on Feb 09, 2023  |  05:25 PM IST |  576.1K
Benefits of almonds
Benefits of almonds

Out of all the other things that drive our curiosity about the Celebrityverse, the beauty regimen of divas tops the list! From what our fav beauty queens consume for healthy hair to the products they use for glowing skin; we are always digging up on these little but significant secrets. And voila! Of late we have come to know that a lot of our fav stars swear by a very popular ingredient- almonds. Yes, you heard that right! The same soaked and peeled almonds that our mums and grandmas give us every morning, apparently happen to be the holy grail for healthy hair and skin! Who knew right?

Ahead we decode the benefits of almonds that many of you probably didn’t know about.

1. Superfood- We all have come across the trending term ‘superfood’ a lot these days and TBH, superfoods are worth the hype! Out of an extensive list of superfoods, almonds are known to be a powerhouse of antioxidants, protein, magnesium, copper, calcium, and healthy fats. And having a handful of almonds daily can help us thrive, survive, and make our body, mind, skin, and hair feel great!



2. Moisturises Hair- Being a source of fatty acids, almonds aid in improving the tensile strength and texture of the hair, both virgin and treated. Even celebrity dermatologists believe that almonds tend to enhance the overall luster of your strands and are a great option to include in your snacks if you are looking to increase shine and strengthen roots. Talk about hair hacks 101! 


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3. Hair Health- Did we tell you that our hair health is directly proportional to the magnesium present in our food? And that’s where almonds come in! Also rich in magnesium, almond oil can be a great supplement for hair loss. Popular brands like Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil utilize this benefit of almond oil and vitamin e which makes it a hero product! 


4.  Frizz Warrior- Frizz has spoiled so many of our plans and yet we haven’t been able to figure out one solid solution to this bummer of a problem! Thankfully right on time, Bajaj Almond Drops Serum with Oil is here to the rescue! it fights frizz to recreate a high-octane celeb-inspired hairdo, especially when in a hurry.  Talk about last-minute hassle-free hacks, eh?


5. Hero Ingredient for Skin- According to experts, the application of almond oil on the face can reduce the formation of wrinkles and minimize the photo-aging process. Results? Less pigmentation and lesser sun spots. Plus, it also acts as an excellent moisturizer for extremely dry skin and possesses exfoliating benefits too. 



Now that we have spilled all the beans on the benefits of almond oil, curating a customized haircare and skincare regime with almond-based products would be great, no? Tapping into the benefits of almond oil and vitamin e, the Bajaj Almond Drops range reinvents the age-old utilities of almond oil and establishes itself as a source of stronger, smoother hair. Time to get the tresses of your dreams now! 

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